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Navigating Relationship Challenges with Astro Vaastu: Insight for Divorce and Fights

Divorce or Relationship Break in Astro Vaastu By Astrologer Ashish Somani

Divorce or Relationship Break can be some of the most emotionally taxing experiences in life. Astro Vaastu, an ancient practice that combines the principles of astrology and Vaastu Shastra, offers unique insights and remedies to navigate these challenging times.

In astrology, Venus is widely regarded as the planet associated with relationships, while in Vaastu Shastra, the southeast corner holds significance as it represents the energy of Venus.

Let’s examine some astrological combinations that may indicate troubles in relationships:

  1. Venus and Moon Combination: When Venus and the Moon are combined, conflicts may arise due to their differing natures. The emotional tendencies of the Moon can lead to a propensity for falling in love repeatedly. In a home environment, signs of this combination include:
  • Placement of water-related elements such as a water tank or continuous water usage in the southeast corner.
    • Dining in bed, as both food (associated with the Moon) and the bed (associated with Venus) are involved.
    • Presence of food or other consumables in the bedroom.
    • Features like water fountains or fish tanks in the bedroom.
    • Décor depicting water or the sea in the bedroom.
    • Washroom located in the southeast direction.
    • Use of white-colored linen on the bed.
    • Placement of Venus-related items in the northwest, which is associated with the Moon.
    • Parking of vehicles, symbolizing Venus, in the northwest.
    • Presence of perfumes and new clothing wardrobe in the northwest.
    • Sleeping arrangements, such as an adult female sleeping in the northwest direction.
    • Display of love-themed items or symbols in the northwest.
    • Placement of a picture of the mother in the southeast direction.
    • Placement of pictures depicting females or couples in the northwest.
  • Venus and Sun Combination: Combining Venus with the Sun can also signify potential relationship challenges. Elements associated with this combination include:
  • Storage of grains in the southeast corner, as the Sun represents grains.
    • Bedroom positioned in the east direction, as both the east direction and the bedroom are associated with Venus.
    • Presence of idols or images of the Sun in the southeast.
    • Display of love-themed items or symbols in the east direction.
    • Placement of pictures depicting females or couples in the northwest.
    • Parking of vehicles in the east direction.
    • Presence of perfumes and new clothing wardrobe in the east.
    • Exposure to direct sunlight in the southeast room.
  • Venus Ketu Combination: When Venus combines with Ketu, certain features may suggest potential relationship challenges:
  • Bedroom located in the northeast corner.
    • Presence of an image of Lord Ganesh in the bedroom.
    • Presence of triangle-shaped objects or clothing in the bedroom.
    • Signs of disrepair, such as a broken bed.
    • Display of abstract paintings in the bedroom.
    • Placement of a flag in the southeast direction of the house
  • Venus and Rahu Combination: When Venus and Rahu combine in a Kundali (astrological birth chart), it can indicate certain tendencies and challenges related to relationships. This combination is believed to potentially lead to attractions towards other females. Here are some symptoms associated with this combination:
    • Southwest Bedroom: The presence of Venus-Rahu combination may manifest in a bedroom located in the southwest direction of the house.
    • Perfume or Fragrance: There might be a noticeable use of perfumes or fragrances in the southwest bedroom, reflecting an emphasis on allure and attraction.
    • Mirror in Bedroom: more then one Mirrors placed in the bedroom, especially in the southwest area, could be a characteristic feature.
    • Image of Female: The presence of images or representations of females in the southwest bedroom is another indicator.
    • Large Bed: The bedroom may feature a large bed, symbolizing comfort and indulgence.

These indicators are believed to provide insight into potential problems in relationships or marriage. For further guidance on Astro Vaastu, individuals may consider scheduling appointments with Astro Vaastu consultants in Ahmedabad. Moreover, Ashish Somani utilizes Vaastu Shastra to examine the energy dynamics within your living space. By making specific adjustments to your home environment, he helps in mitigating negative influences and enhancing positive vibrations, which can significantly improve relationship harmony.

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Divorce Reason in Astrology

Divorce Reason As per Astrology

Reasons for Divorce According to Indian Astrology provides profound insights into various life aspects, including the reasons behind marital discord and divorce.The factors contributing to divorce are discerned through the analysis of one’s Kundali. The 7th house represents marriage, while the 8th house signifies post-marriage relationships. When certain conditions manifest in these houses, a marriage may veer towards divorce:

    • Presence of Retrograde Planets: Retrograde planets in the 7th or 8th house can cause misunderstandings and conflicts. These planets often indicate internalized issues or past life karmas that resurface to challenge the marital relationship.
    • Moon in the 7th House Afflicted by Malefic Planets: The Moon represents emotions and mental state. If it is placed in the 7th house and afflicted by malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, or Rahu, it can lead to emotional instability and frequent conflicts between partners.
    • Lord of the 6th House in the 7th House: The 6th house is associated with disputes and legal matters. If the lord of the 6th house is positioned in the 7th house, it can bring about legal issues and frequent disagreements, often escalating to separation or divorce.
    • Rahu in the 7th House: Rahu in the 7th house can create illusions and misunderstandings in relationships. It often brings unexpected changes and unconventional circumstances that can strain the marriage.
    • Sun in the 7th House with Adverse Aspects: The Sun in the 7th house can signify ego clashes and dominance issues, especially if it receives adverse aspects from malefic planets. This positioning can lead to power struggles and a lack of mutual respect in the relationship.
    • Multiple Planets in the 7th or 8th House: When more than one planet occupies the 7th or 8th house, their combined influences can create complex dynamics and conflicts. This often results in a turbulent relationship environment.
    • Lord of the 7th House in a Dual Sign: Dual signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) can indicate instability and indecisiveness in relationships. When the lord of the 7th house is in a dual sign, it may reflect an uncertain and fluctuating marital life.

Furthermore, Venus, the natural significator of marriage, must be considered. Its conjunction with Moon, Sun, or Ketu can disrupt marital harmony. Sun, Moon, or Ketu in the subsequent house of Venus also yields unfavorable outcomes. Venus in Scorpio can lead to tumultuous relationships, while planets like Sun, Moon, and Ketu in Libra can bring marital hardships. Venus in Ketu Nakshatra also poses challenges in marriage. The mitigating factor in such cases is the benefic influence of Jupiter on the 7th house or Venus. However, Jupiter alone in the 7th or 8th house can also lead to marital difficulties.

Role of Venus

Venus, the natural significator of marriage, must also be carefully considered. Its placement and aspects significantly impact marital harmony:

  • Conjunction with Moon, Sun, or Ketu: Venus conjoined with these celestial bodies can disrupt marital harmony. The conjunction can create emotional turbulence, ego issues, or spiritual disconnection, respectively.
  • Adverse Placement in Subsequent Houses: Sun, Moon, or Ketu in the subsequent house of Venus can yield unfavorable outcomes, leading to marital challenges.
  • Venus in Scorpio: Venus in Scorpio can lead to intense but tumultuous relationships, characterized by passion and power struggles.
  • Sun, Moon, and Ketu in Libra: These placements can bring hardships and dissatisfaction in marriage. Libra, the natural sign of partnerships, becomes strained under these influences.
  • Venus in Ketu Nakshatra: This specific placement can pose significant challenges in marriage, often leading to detachment or lack of emotional connection.

Mitigating Factors

The benefic influence of Jupiter can mitigate some of these negative effects. Jupiter’s positive aspects on the 7th house or Venus can bring wisdom, tolerance, and harmony to a relationship. However, it’s important to note that Jupiter alone in the 7th or 8th house can also lead to marital difficulties, such as excessive idealism or moral rigidity.

Astrological Remedies and Guidance

For those seeking marriage or relationships, it’s advisable to scrutinize the aforementioned factors in both their and their partner’s charts. Astrologer Ashish Somani uses his deep knowledge of these astrological principles to provide comprehensive consultations. By understanding the astrological reasons behind marital issues, he offers remedies and solutions tailored to mitigate these influences and help individuals navigate their relationship challenges.

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12th Fail Movie: Exploring Astrological Aspects

 12th Fail movie an astrological aspects By Astrologer Ashish Somnai

12th Fail Movie begins with a person whose father, a non-corrupt individual working in the Agriculture department, gets suspended for confronting his superior due to an unlawful act.

In the Kundali, the Sun represents the father, and Mars symbolizes Agriculture/Armed Forces. Hence, the father working in the Agriculture department is depicted by the Sun-Mars combination in the chart. Additionally, the father’s profession is represented by the 6th house in the person’s chart (being 10th to the 9th). This placement shows that the person has Sun and Mars combined in the 6th house, indicating a government job related to the Armed Forces.

The movie shows that initially, the person failed the 12th exam, signifying damage to the 5th house. This is further confirmed by the father confronting his boss since the 5th house represents the father’s boss (being 9th from the 9th house). Moreover, the father’s boss, a corrupt individual, signifies the influence of Rahu on the 5th house, which disrupted the person’s initial studies.

Next, the person is motivated by a police officer, which is again a Sun-Mars combination, uplifting his 5th house, as the Sun is the natural significator of the 5th house. Subsequently, when the person goes to Gwalior and loses his bag and money, it shows the influence of malefic Saturn on Venus, confirming the hardships in his life.

The turning point occurs when an unknown person takes him to Delhi while they’re eating at a railway station. Mars, representing friends, comes to his rescue at the railway station while eating (Saturn-Moon combination) and takes him to his destined place.

The damaged 5th house continues to play a role as he fails subsequent exams, notably misreading the word ‘tourism’ as ‘terrorism,’ showcasing the role of Rahu in creating illusions in one’s mind. Additionally, love enters his life, with the first meeting occurring due to speaking the truth (Sun’s significance) in a coaching center. Moreover, the amount given as a deposit, 680, totals to the number 5, representing the Kal Purush Kundali’s 5th house, and numerologically represented by Mercury, the significator of degrees and certificates.

The lover hails from Mussorie, a hill station represented by Rahu, indicating the subsiding influence of Rahu’s damage. Working in a flour mill brings him success in the Preliminary Examination, as the Sun, the signifier of wheat and flour, aids him. When it comes to studying, once again, a person resembling an elder brother figure comes to his aid and provides him with a home and proper food for studying, symbolized by Mars.

In the final phase, his lover accompanies him to the final interview and gives him a letter. The 5th house represents honor and reputation, while the letter symbolizes Mercury, which is supportive of the Sun. Initially rejected for speaking the truth in the first round, after reading the letter, he regains confidence. Notably, an old gentleman represented by Saturn advises him to lie about his 12th exam, facing issues with his shoes, also a representation of Saturn. However, he chooses to speak the truth, and the letter symbolizing Mercury helps him achieve his desires.

Interestingly, the interview panel comprised 5 persons, out of which 4 supported him, indicating the mercy of the Moon. In summary, his life until becoming an IPS officer was greatly influenced by Mars, Sun, with support from Venus and Moon. His life’s rescues were facilitated by Mars, Venus, and Moon. Most significantly, his adherence to truth, symbolized by the Sun, helped him achieve the seemingly unattainable.”

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5 Vastu Tips for Study Room to Create a Positive Environment

5 Vastu Tips for Study Room to Create a Positive Environment with Vastu Consultant in Ahmedabad
Have you ever thought about the Vastu Tips for Study Room? If a student is concerned about his or her lack of performance or concentration in school, and even after putting in a lot of effort, the outcome is not satisfactory, he or she should be cautious about the vastu of his or her study room. The main issue may be the vastu position of the study room or the direction of the study table. 

According to ‘Vastu Shastra,’ vastu defects affect a student’s concentration in studies and create a barrier in studies. As a result, you need a proper vastu compliant study room that can improve the ambiance, increase concentration, and sharpen memory. In today’s article, we will discuss on the same topic, and discuss According to Vastu Which Direction to Study and other related information:

Best Direction For Study Room As Per Vastu

We can deduce from the term “study room vastu” that success or failure is determined by the student’s strenuous efforts and the surrounding energies. To see significant progress in their results, parents should choose the positions listed below for their child’s study room, according to Vastu Shastra.

  • Study room in the east direction:

The best Direction For the Study Table According To Vastu is East, hence it should be the first option for. As the Sun rises in the east, a source of energy, wisdom, and intellectual power. So, if you want your child to have these aspects of the Sun, this direction is ideal according to Vastu Shastra.

  • Study room in the northeast direction:

‘Lord Shiva’ rules over this direction. This path is ideal for a vastu-compliant study room. The northeast direction, which represents the water element, also helps to calm your child’s mind.

  • Study room in southwest direction:

Do you not achieve your long-awaited success in competitive exams? Or are you having difficulty acquiring specialized knowledge? According to vastu shastra, you should prioritize the construction of a study room in the plot’s southwest direction.

  • Study room in east of southeast direction:

The phrase “east of southeast” refers to the area between east and southeast. This direction is ideal for creating a study room, especially for children who are just beginning their educational journey. A study room in this direction fosters inquisitiveness in their minds, which is beneficial for learning new things. This path is also beneficial for those involved in research studies.

  • West to southwest direction in the study room:

Is it your ambition to become an administrative officer, such as an IAS or an IPS? Or do you want to do well in your upcoming UPSE exam? A study room in this direction helps you to fulfill your dream. According to Applied Vastu experts, this zone is ideal for all higher education.

Vastu Tips for Placement of Study Table

A study room is incomplete without a study table. It is one of the important elements of study room. So, the Direction For Study Table As Per Vastu is necessary if you want maximum benefits from your Vastu complaint study room.

A Direction For Study Table Vastu should be in the east and north corners of the room, with a gap (3-4 inches) between it and the wall behind it. Orienting study tables correctly improves a student’s concentration. It also improves his comprehension ability, memory retention power, and academic interest. As a result, the Vastu consultants provided us with some study table advice.

Best Facing for Study as Per Vastu

As per the Best Vastu Consultant in Ahmedabad, Mr. Ashish Somani’s specific directions positively impact a child’s or a student’s psychology while studying. Students must follow these directions, which are mentioned below, according to their respective fields:

  • North-For finance students
  • East-Social and political science
  • South-Law
  • West-Computer science 

Vastu Tips for Study Room’s Color according to Vastu

Some colors, according to Astro Vastu Consultant, have a positive effect on a child’s psychology and increase their intellectual capacity. According to ‘Vastu Shastra,’ light colors such as yellow (learning), pale pink, or light green (wisdom) are ideal for painting study room walls. Aside from these colors, white and ivory are also good choices for the study room.

Shape of the Room

According to ‘Vastu Shastra,’ it is beneficial to build a pyramid-shaped study room for your child. This particular shaped study room aids in his academic performance.

Additional Vastu Tips for Students to Improve Their Performance

  • Choose a study location that is quiet and free of distractions. 
  • A good physical posture aids concentration and should be maintained while sitting in your study chair. 
  • Always hang positive images on the wall in front of a study table, such as a sunrise in the ocean, flowers, the sea, waterfalls, and galloping horses. Such images fill us with positive energy and inspire students to be positive.

Manglik Dosha Effect and Its Powerful Remedies

Manglik Dosha Effect and Remedies with Jyotish in Ahmedabad

Manglik Dosha, also known as Mangal Dosha or Kuja Dosha, is a belief in Vedic astrology that certain planetary positions at the time of a person’s birth can have adverse effects on their marital life. This dosha is primarily associated with the planet Mars (Mangal) and is believed to cause conflicts, disputes, and even separation or divorce in the married life of an affected individual. While the scientific validity of Manglik Dosha is questionable, it holds significant cultural and astrological importance in some communities. Here, we’ll discuss how Manglik Dosha impacts can be reduced or mitigated according to traditional beliefs according to consult famous astrologer Ahmedabad.

Understanding Dosha:

Manglik Dosha is believed to occur when Mars is placed in certain positions in a person’s birth chart, particularly in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house. The most severe form of this dosha is when Mars is in the 7th house, which is associated with marriage and partnerships.

The effects of Manglik Dosha are thought to manifest as:

  1. Marital Discord: Individuals with this Dosha are believed to be prone to frequent arguments, misunderstandings, and conflicts with their spouses.
  2. Delay in Marriage: It is often believed that those with Manglik Dosha may experience delays in finding a suitable partner or getting married with the help of astrologer for love marriage.
  3. Health Issues for Spouse: There is a belief that the spouse of a This person may suffer from health-related problems.
  4. Separation or Divorce: In extreme cases, it is believed that This Dosha can lead to separation or divorce if not properly addressed.

Reducing This Dosha Effects:

In many cultures where Vedic astrology is followed, ThisDosha is taken seriously when considering marriage compatibility. To reduce or mitigate the potential adverse effects of This Dosha, several remedies and precautions are recommended. It’s important to note that the effectiveness of these remedies is a matter of belief, and there is no scientific evidence to support their efficacy. Nevertheless, for those who wish to follow traditional practices, here are some common methods to reduce this Dosha impacts by astrology consultancy services in India:

1. Marrying a Peepal Tree or Banana Tree:

In some communities, it is believed that one way to nullify the effects of Manglik Dosha is for the affected individual to first marry a peepal tree (Ficus religiosa) or a banana tree. This symbolic marriage is called “Kumbh Vivah.” After this, the tree is often cut down or the banana tree is uprooted, signifying the end of the marriage with the tree. This ritual is performed to transfer the negative effects of Mars to the tree, ensuring a smooth marriage with a human partner later.

2. Marrying Another Manglik:

One common belief is that if both partners in a marriage have This Dosha, the dosha cancels out, and there are no adverse effects. This often leads to matchmaking among individuals with This Dosha to ensure compatibility with vastu making astrologer in Ahmedabad.

3. Performing Pujas and Homas:

Various rituals and ceremonies, such as “Mangal Puja” or “Mangal Homa,” are performed to appease the planet Mars. These rituals involve reciting specific mantras, offering prayers, and making offerings to seek the blessings of Mars. They are typically conducted by a priest or astrologer.

4. Wearing a Coral Gemstone:

Wearing a red coral gemstone, which is associated with Mars, is believed to pacify the negative effects of This Dosha. It is recommended to consult with an astrologer to determine the right size, weight, and quality of the coral gemstone for the individual.

5. Fasting on Tuesdays:

Tuesday is considered the day of Mars, and fasting on this day is believed to be a way to appease the planet. Some individuals with This Dosha may observe a fast on Tuesdays as a remedial measure.

6. Chanting Mantras:

Reciting specific mantras dedicated to Mars is thought to be an effective way to reduce the negative effects of This Dosha. The most common mantra associated with Mars is the “Mangal Mantra,” which can be chanted regularly with best vastu making astrologer in Ahmedabad.

7. Donating to the Poor:

Making charitable donations, especially red-colored items like red clothes, grains, and red lentils, is considered an act of appeasement for Mars. Donating to the less fortunate is believed to mitigate the adverse effects of Manglik Dosha.

8. Seeking Guidance from an Astrologer:

Consulting with an experienced astrologer is crucial for individuals concerned about Manglik Dosha. An astrologer can analyze the birth charts of both partners and provide personalized advice on remedies and precautions to reduce the dosha’s impact.

In conclusion,

Manglik Dosha’s impact on marriage can be reduced through traditional remedies like performing pujas, marrying another Manglik, or wearing a coral gemstone. However, it’s crucial to remember that these remedies are based on belief rather than scientific evidence. Modern couples often prioritize compatibility, communication, and trust over astrological considerations by consult famous astrologer in Ahmedabad. The decision to address Manglik Dosha should be made with a balanced perspective, considering both cultural beliefs and personal values while recognizing that a happy and harmonious marriage depends on various factors beyond astrological alignments.


Discover Your Sasural through Your Kundali

“Gain insights into your Sasural through the 8th house of your Kundali.

In astrology, the 8th house is associated with a person’s in-laws and is particularly significant for females. It signifies the family of one’s spouse, and it is generally believed that having any planets in the 8th house can bring about challenges.

Let’s explore how the presence of different planets in the 8th house can provide guidance about your Sasural by best astrologer in India:

  • Sun: Having the Sun in the 8th house, often found in individuals born in the evening, indicates that someone in your in-laws may be connected to the government. Your Sasural is likely to be very disciplined, with a prevailing sense of ego among family members, leading to quarrels over trivial matters. The Sun can also disrupt the initial happiness of your marriage, causing early difficulties that may later improve. This placement may also suggest that your spouse had a past affair known to everyone, and there may be limited support from the family.
  • Saturn: Saturn in the 8th house suggests that your Sasural initially came from a humble background but gradually improved their status. Your in-laws are likely hardworking and embrace traditional values. This placement can delay marriage or make it demanding and filled with hardships. Saturn, associated with karma, indicates a need for you to be involved in your Sasural’s affairs.
  • Moon: The Moon in the 8th house, although not considered favorable, can indicate an early marriage. Your in-laws may enjoy traveling and have a strong connection to food. Emotions play a critical role in your Sasural, and if the Moon is in a debilitated sign, it could suggest illicit relationships within the family. This placement may bring mental stress initially, but it tends to settle over time, and you may provide emotional healing to your in-laws.
  • Jupiter: With Jupiter in the 8th house, your Sasural will likely be large and religious. Some family members may be involved in teaching or education. This combination often transforms your personal belief system, making you more spiritual 
  • Mars: Mars in the 8th house signifies Mangalik dosha, which can lead to disruptions or quarrels in your marriage and Sasural. Someone in your Sasural may have ties to the armed forces. A favorable Mars placement may indicate land ownership, while an unfavorable one could lead to land disputes or disputes among family members. Mars in the 8th house may also lead to marital conflicts related to the spouse’s family.
  • Venus: Venus in the 8th house, although not ideal, suggests a wealthy and pleasure-filled Sasural. However, it may strain your relationship with your spouse due to your in-laws’ love for extravagance, showmanship, and a liking for jewelry. Your Sasural may own numerous cars.
  • Mercury: When Mercury is in the 8th house, your spouse’s family may have many siblings, engage in business, or work in accounting. They tend to be inquisitive and involved in various matters, often chatty and less concerned with worldly affairs.
  • Rahu: Rahu in the 8th house indicates a Sasural with hidden or deceptive qualities. They may pretend to be good but have ulterior motives. The Sasural could be from a different caste or involved in unconventional practices, such as tantra or illicit businesses. It may also be connected to foreign countries, the film industry, photography, software, liquor, and related fields.
  • Ketu: Ketu in the 8th house suggests a lack of attachment or affection toward your Sasural. Your spouse’s family may be small, and this placement can deprive you of marital happiness 
  • Saturn-Moon Combination: This is an inauspicious Visha yoga formed in the 8th house, indicating potential turmoil in your marriage or Sasural. If you marry a divorcee, it may work out better; otherwise, post-marriage troubles in the family are likely.
  • Mars-Saturn Combination: This combination can lead to frequent conflicts within your Sasural, especially regarding land-related issues.
  • Sun-Saturn Combination: Having both Sun and Saturn in the 8th house may lead to a late marriage and ego issues within your Sasural.
  • Ketu-Saturn Combination: This combination often results in a lack of marital happiness.

These are just a few examples. Caution should be exercised before marriage, and remedies for problematic planetary placements should be considered to prevent post-marital conflicts.

For more detailed insights, please reach out to us Astrologer Ashish Somani


Kundali matching benefits for finding right Life partner

Kundali matching benefits for finding right Life partner with Astrologer in Ahmedabad
Kundali matching , also known as horoscope matching, is a vital practice in Indian astrology for ensuring marital harmony and compatibility between prospective partners. Astrologer Ashish Somani in Ahmedabad is a leading expert in this domain, offering detailed and insightful analyses to help individuals find their ideal life partners and foster enduring relationships.

The Kootas’ understanding of compatibility factors

Kootas, a collection of compatibility variables, are at the core of horoscope matching for marriage by Astrologer Ashish Somani. Think of these Kootas as the threads that make up a relationship, each one displaying a different aspect of compatibility.

1) The Fusion of Spirits, Varna Koota

Marriage kundali matching produces the Varna Koota, a reflection of the union of spirits for the best astrologer in Ahmedabad. It reflects the harmony between the souls of the spouses and their shared goals, enabling their souls to resound in lovely unison.

2) The Trust Waltz by Vashy Koota

Vashya Koota, like a waltz full of trust, perfectly encapsulates the impact that partners have on one another. The rhythm of trust that characterizes a relationship may be seen in this Koota, just as dance partners synchronize their steps.

3) Tara Koota, author of “Guiding Stars of Endurance”

The constellation of guiding stars Tara Koota speaks of perseverance and fortitude. These stars guide their ship of partnership through every tide on their trip through life together, ensuring a strong bond that will stand the test of time.

4) Prosperity and Passion Palette by Yoni Koota

Yoni Koota creates a canvas filled with wealth and ardor with the partnership is given life by physical attraction, which paints the relationship with intimacy and chemistry.

5) The Chorus of Home by Graha Maitri Koota

Horoscope matching’s key component, Graha Maitri Koota, creates a melodic chorus inside the house. This Koota ensures that harmony of compatibility reverberates across every nook and cranny of family life, much like how musical notes merge perfectly in a song.

6) Gana Koota: The Symphony of Minds, number six

In a symphony of minds, composed by Gana Koota, the mental frequencies of couples converge. They orchestrate a voyage of shared beliefs and understandings as their thoughts meld perfectly with top astrologer in India.

7) The Joyful Connection: Rashi Koota or Bhakoota

Rashi Koota portrays a relationship that encourages smiles and laughter, and she exudes delight. It represents shared delight and jovial companionship, offering a life filled with sunshine.

8) The Vital Flow by Nadi Koota

As a reflection of the physical compatibility that supports and feeds the trip, Nadi Koota represents the vital flow. This Koota ensures vitality and living force, much like a river cutting through the terrain.

Astrologers: Lighthouses

The knowledge of the top astrologer in Ahmedabad acts as a lighthouse on this celestial route while Kundali Matching is the key to understanding compatibility. Their perceptions, like constellations, shed light on the subtleties that direct the course of love.

Kundali for Long-Lasting Love

On A Positive Note Matching is more than just a ritual; it is a compass that leads us through the confusing web of connections. It displays the compatibility strands that run through the fabric of a relationship by a famous astrologer in India.  

This amazing voyage becomes a journey of certainty when we compile the wisdom of knowledgeable astrologers. It demonstrates the power of marriage compatibility and tells a story of love and community as well.

And if your marriage is giving you trouble, don’t worry! The best astrologers in India are available to help with love and marriage issues. They will lead you towards a happier future when problems are overcome by love.

In summary –

Just as stars in the wide cosmos line up, so do hearts in the world of love. Kundali matching reveals the mysteries of compatibility by turning the cosmic dance into a language of coexistence.

This voyage is transformed into a pilgrimage of love with the assistance of specialists like Astrologer Ashish Somani. Get in touch with him for Kundali matching and solutions to marriage issues.

Unlocking Prosperity: How Your Spouse’s New Vehicle or Mobile Can Transform Your Fortune

In Vedic astrology, the 9th house is considered one of the most auspicious houses in a horoscope, representing fortune, higher learning, spirituality, wisdom, and relationships with one’s father and gurus. It also pertains to long-distance travel and the siblings of your spouse. When significant purchases are made by your spouse, such as a new car or a new mobile phone, astrologers believe these actions can activate the energies of the 9th house, leading to various influences and events in your life Lets Delve Deeper into with the Best Astrologer in Ahmedabad

Influences of the 9th House Activation

  1. Increase in Fortune: When your spouse buys a new car or mobile phone, it can trigger a positive shift in your financial status. The 9th house, being the house of fortune, governs wealth and prosperity. The activation of this house may bring unexpected financial gains, bonuses, or profitable investments. This period can be marked by an overall improvement in your financial stability and an increase in your disposable income.

  2. Gains from Partnership Businesses: The 9th house also influences partnerships and collaborations. If you are involved in a business partnership, the activation of this house can lead to fruitful outcomes. You might experience an uptick in profits, successful ventures, or the establishment of beneficial business alliances. This period is favorable for expanding your business network and exploring new opportunities.

  3. Opportunities for Long-Distance Travel with Spiritual Purposes: One of the significant aspects of the 9th house is long-distance travel, especially journeys undertaken for spiritual or educational purposes. With the activation of this house, you might find opportunities to travel abroad for higher education, spiritual retreats, or pilgrimages. These travels could offer profound experiences, contributing to your personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.

  4. Engaging in Religious Activities at Home or at Your Spouse’s Sibling’s Home: The 9th house influences religious and spiritual activities. You might find yourself more inclined towards participating in or organizing religious ceremonies, rituals, or spiritual gatherings. This increased engagement can happen at your home or at your spouse’s sibling’s place, fostering a deeper connection with your spiritual practices.

  5. Harmonious Relationship with Your Bosses: This house also governs your relationship with mentors and superiors at work. Its activation can lead to improved interactions and a more harmonious relationship with your bosses. You may receive recognition for your efforts, find favor with higher-ups, and enjoy a supportive work environment. This positive dynamic can pave the way for professional growth.

  6. Possibility of Job Promotions: With the 9th house being active, career advancements and promotions are likely. Your hard work and dedication might finally get noticed, leading to new job roles, responsibilities, and a step up the career ladder. This period is favorable for showcasing your skills and achieving professional milestones.

  7. Favorable Conditions for Your Children’s Education: The influence of the 9th house extends to the educational prospects of your children. During this period, you might notice an improvement in their academic performance or opportunities for them to pursue higher education. This could be a time when they excel in their studies, receive scholarships, or get admitted to prestigious institutions.

  8. Likelihood of Your Children Entering into Love Relationships: The activation of the 9th house can also influence the personal lives of your children. They might enter into meaningful love relationships or strengthen existing ones. This period could see them forming deep, emotional connections that are supportive and fulfilling.

  9. Possibility of Your Mother Falling Ill: Despite the many positive influences, the activation of the 9th house might bring some challenges, such as health issues for your mother. It’s advisable to monitor her health closely and ensure she receives the necessary medical attention and care during this period.

  10. Expenses Related to the Repair and Maintenance of Your Home: Lastly, this period might also involve some expenditure on home repairs and maintenance. While these expenses might seem burdensome, they are necessary for ensuring a safe and comfortable living environment. Addressing these repairs can prevent larger issues in the future and maintain the harmony of your home.


Astrology provides a fascinating lens through which to view the interconnectedness of various life events. By understanding the potential influences of the 9th house activation through significant purchases like a new car or mobile phone by your spouse, you can better prepare for the changes and opportunities that may come your way. Paying attention to these astrological insights can offer guidance and help you navigate through these dynamic periods with awareness and preparedness you can also book a consultation with Astrologer Ashish Somani for a Personal Guidance

Hiding Money at Different place and Its Astrological Impact

Hiding Money in Astrology

In astrology, the placement of hidden money within the home is believed to influence various aspects of life, including wealth, relationships, and health. Here’s an exploration of how different placements, based on astrological beliefs, can impact hidden money Let us explore more with Best Jyotish in Ahmedabad

Hiding currency notes in wheat: When currency notes are concealed in wheat, it creates a combination influenced by the Sun and Venus. This alignment is often associated with negative outcomes, potentially leading to wealth destruction, strained relationships, and adverse effects on the spouse’s health. The presence of wheat, a symbol of sustenance and livelihood, combined with these planetary energies, may disrupt financial stability and harmony in the household.

Hiding gold in wheat: Contrarily, hiding gold in wheat aligns with a combination of Jupiter and Sun, considered auspicious in astrology. This placement is believed to bring positive outcomes, fostering prosperity and growth in wealth. However, hiding gold in rice, associated with Jupiter and Venus, may have mixed effects. While it can enhance spiritual qualities, it might also lead to challenges such as weight gain in the spouse, reflecting a balance of blessings and potential drawbacks.

Hiding currency in the overhead cupboard: Stashing currency in an overhead cupboard is thought to encourage excessive expenditure and lavish spending habits. This placement suggests a potential for financial instability and imprudent financial decisions within the household. In contrast, hiding gold in the overhead cupboard may symbolically spread knowledge or wealth unnecessarily, influencing how prosperity is perceived or utilized.

Hiding currency in a cupboard with false drawers: This arrangement involves a combination influenced by Rahu, Venus, and Saturn. Money concealed in such a manner may indicate that financial resources remain with the owner or are invested in real estate, reflecting strategic financial management. However, this placement also suggests a risk of dishonesty or deceit within relationships, particularly involving the spouse, which can impact trust and stability.

Hiding currency in the bed: Placing currency in the bed, associated with Venus, is generally viewed positively in astrology. It symbolizes a potential for financial security and stability within the household. However, if currency is hidden under old clothes in the bed, it may negatively affect the spouse’s health or create boredom in the relationship, highlighting the importance of intention and placement details. On the other hand, hiding gold in the bed, influenced by a combination of Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn, may bring challenges related to the spouse’s profession or health risks like diabetes, indicating a nuanced impact on personal and professional spheres.

Hiding currency in a garbage area: Concealing currency in a garbage area, placing Venus in the debilitated 6th house, is believed to lead to wasteful expenditures or health issues. Similarly, hiding gold in such a location may result in personal health problems and financial difficulties, potentially necessitating loans. These placements underscore the importance of respecting spaces and their astrological implications for financial and personal well-being.

Other placements and their implications: Additional placements, such as hiding currency behind diseased photographs or with medicine or weapons, are believed to have adverse effects on both relationships and finances. These combinations can attract undesirable energies or actions, influencing the stability and harmony within the household.

Depositing gold ornaments to Mother/Mother-in-Law: This practice, influenced by a combination of Jupiter and Moon, is considered auspicious, fostering positive relationships and financial benefits. However, depositing diamonds or money, represented by a Venus and Moon combination, may have contrasting effects, potentially straining relationships and financial stability due to conflicting energies.

Understanding these astrological beliefs provides insights into how hidden money placements within the home can impact various aspects of life. Whether auspicious or challenging, these placements reflect a deeper connection between celestial energies and everyday actions, guiding individuals in making informed decisions to enhance prosperity, harmony, and well-being within their domestic environment for more information on creating a Good Vaastu environment you can Reach the Best Vastu Consultant 

For more information on your birth chart you can Book a Consultancy with Astrologer Ashish somani

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