Vastu Tips for New Home From Best Astro Vastu Consultant

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Astro Vastu Consultant

Vastu Tips for New Home From Best Astro Vastu Consultant

Vastu Tips for New Home From Best Astro Vastu Consultant

Considering purchasing a new house? The guidance of an Astro Vastu Consultant can be priceless. Being a homeowner is a unique opportunity for most people in India. Purchasing a home is a significant life decision that requires careful consideration of not only financial but also emotional, spiritual, and practical aspects.
In accordance with Vastu Shastra, an age-old Indian science, the way a house interacts with the natural forces surrounding it has a big influence on people’s health and prosperity.
Looking to implement Vastu principles in the home-buying process? An Astro Vastu Consultant can provide invaluable insights. A happy and wealthy life can be achieved with the help of good vastu.

Vastu Tips for New Home

Consequently, it would help if you kept in mind a few Vastu principles when moving to your new home.

  • 1. Planting large trees in the southwest corner of a property stabilizes finances, according to Vastu for money. It also reduces the chances of economic and household disasters. These plantations should never be located in a northeastern direction, as this hinders money flow.
  • 2. Place the storage room facing the west or northwest of the house.
  • 3. Any tall buildings, temples, or other structures should not be located in the northeast direction of the house. It results in a loss of wealth, according to Vastu. If such structures are there, make sure they don’t cast too much shadows on your new home or property.
  • 4. Leaking taps and valves need to be repaired or replaced since they waste money and cause waste.
  • 5. Ensure that there are never any activities taking place in the center of the home. There should always be a building or heavy lifting in this area.
  • 6. It is best to get rid of outdated clothes, broken furniture, malfunctioning devices, and other trash from the house right away, especially before a big celebration. These things can intensify negative energy, leading to mental health challenges, roadblocks, and decreased productivity in work-related activities.
  • 7. Large-scale housewarming celebrations should be avoided since they could attract negative energy that could worsen people’s physical and mental health.
  • 8. Give your new house’s main entry a unique look to create a welcoming atmosphere for prosperity and wealth. Additionally, personalize your home’s name and license plate. Make sure this space is beautifully coloured and well-lit.
  • 9. Before you enter, make sure to wash the house completely with salt water to get rid of any lingering negative energy. An alternative option for cleaning is to use white vinegar, lime juice, and salt.
  • 10. Keep the northeast section of the house free from any Vastu doshas. Lord Kuber and Goddess Laxmi are believed to live in this area. A Vastu dosha of any kind in this domain may cause income to decline.


Speak with a reliable Astro Vastu Consultant if you’re looking for Vastu advice for your new home. You can make a smart decision that lays the groundwork for a peaceful and prosperous future in your new home with the knowledge and assistance of the best Astro Vastu Consultant, Ashish Somani.
A purposeful arrangement of the location, rooms, natural light, surroundings, and decor can introduce your house to positive energies that support your family’s prosperity and well-being.


Q.1 How to check Vastu dosh in the house?

Ans. To find any Vastu doshas (defects), speak with a Vastu specialist who can examine the house’s design, orientation, and energy flows.

Q.2 Which house entrance is good for Vastu?

Ans. According to Vastu Shastra, entrances that face north or east are lucky because they let good energy into the house.

Q.3 How to remove negativity from your home as per Vastu?

Ans. Play soothing music, keep the place tidy and free of garbage, burn camphor or sage (smudging), and make sure there is adequate ventilation to drive out negativity.

Q.4 How to correct the Vastu of the house?

Ans. Place furniture differently, use colors that are conducive to Vastu, add mirrors to reflect bad energy, arrange Vastu pyramids, and apply Vastu treatments such as strategically placing plants, crystals, or salt.