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Vastu Tips for New Home

Effective Vastu Tips For New Home 2023

Vastu Shastra is liked and appreciated Worldwide. People need harmony and peace, which they can achieve by following the Vastu. It is important to follow Vastu Tips for New Home as well as for old houses. Using the Vastu Shastra in-house design and building is supposed to bring guarantees of health, prosperity, and life satisfaction. 

Hence, the Vastu for home plays an important role in making the quality of life better. As the healthy energies can be directed whereas unwanted ones can be avoided by learning and understanding the Basic Vastu Tips for New House.

It is a must for every house owner to follow the Vastu tips before starting with the construction work. One must seek advice from the experienced and Best Vastu Consultant in Ahmedabad, who will decide the direction of the home. That will affect the situation of the house owner and their family and also improve the health and performance of the people in the house.

In today’s article, we will look at the New Vastu Tips given by Ashish Somani the Best Vastu Consultant in Ahmedabad for different areas of the house. Moreover, we will understand the direction of the house and other guidelines. 

Guidelines of Vastu for Home

The guidelines of Vastu for a home depend on the formula of how certain things need to be maintained in a house. Vastu’s guidelines refer to the position of the main door, toilet, kitchen, living room, Pooja room as well as staircase and the other parts of the rooms. Apart from the color of the room, the position of the furniture and the height of the wall according to the Vastu is also important.   

Direction of the Home As per Vastu

There are a lot of myths about, which direction a house must face as per the Vastu Shastra. Some people have the misconception, that a north-facing or east-facing house gives good results. However, this is wrong, because the direction of the house depends on various factors. The factors are the occupation of the house owner, the astrological chart, and the Ayurvedic nature.

Vastu For Home

The Vastu purusha mandala has forty-five energy fields, or Devta. It is known as brahma vithi and features Brahma seated in the center. The deva vithi encircles the brahma vithi. Manushya vithi encircles Deva vithi. Paishacha vithi encircling Manushya vithi. 

With its 32 padas, Paishacha Vithi is the outermost periphery. 32 gods are seated on each pada. The main door is located on the outside of the structure. The main gate is situated at least one pada apart from the 32 divisions. 

From the 32 padas, 10 are considered fortunate. Mukhya, Bhallat, and Soma / Som are auspicious for houses facing north. When a home faces south, Gruhakshat is considered auspicious. While Sugreev, Pushpadant, and Varun are fortunate for west-facing homes, Jayant and Mahendra Pada are good for east-facing homes.

Vastu Tips for New Home Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important part of home vastu. It is the place where food is cooked by lighting fires. According to Indian Vastu Shastra, fire is one of the five elements and the kitchen is part of the fire element. The location of the kitchen is must according to Vastu Shastra:

  • Position of Kitchen: The kitchen's location is considered to be the most auspicious in the South-East (Agni) and South of South-East according to Vastu shastra rules. Aside from that, a north-west corner and a west-facing kitchen can be built.
  • Placement of gas oven & facing of cooking: A cooking stove is required in the kitchen. The question now is about the location and orientation of the gas oven or stove. According to Vastu for Home, the east-facing gas stove is the best. North-facing cooking stoves, on the other hand, are thought to be the worst.
  • Color of kitchen: The color of the kitchen, according to our observations, is determined by its location or position. Colors are chosen to balance the five elements of Vastu Shastra and to correspond to the 16-zone bar chart. The kitchen color should be chosen so that it appears fresh, spacious, and clean. Warm colors are typically preferred in kitchens. House owners prefer the colors red, green, and yellow.

Vastu Tips for New Home Pooja Room

Here are the important tips about the pooja room of the home.

  • Position of Pooja Room: It is considered very auspicious if your Pooja room is on the northeast side of your house. If there is insufficient space in your home's northeast direction, a puja room can be built in the west direction or the middle of the house.
  • Facing of Idol: According to Indian Vastu Shastra, statues and images of gods and goddesses should be placed on the north or east wall of the puja room or mandir. Never face the idol, murti, or image of God north or south.
  • Pooja Room Color: If the Pooja room is on a home's northeast side, a light lemon or cream color can be used. The pooja area in the center of the house should always be white or light yellow.

Overall, the Vastu Shastra for New Home is very important and if you want to consult about the tips or other related topics, you can contact us.