5 Vastu Tips for Study Room to Create a Positive Environment

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Vastu Tips for Study Room

5 Vastu Tips for Study Room to Create a Positive Environment

Have you ever thought about the Vastu Tips for Study Room? If a student is concerned about his or her lack of performance or concentration in school, and even after putting in a lot of effort, the outcome is not satisfactory, he or she should be cautious about the vastu of his or her study room. The main issue may be the vastu position of the study room or the direction of the study table. 

According to 'Vastu Shastra,' vastu defects affect a student's concentration in studies and create a barrier in studies. As a result, you need a proper vastu compliant study room that can improve the ambiance, increase concentration, and sharpen memory. In today’s article, we will discuss on the same topic, and discuss According to Vastu Which Direction to Study and other related information:

Best Direction For Study Room As Per Vastu

We can deduce from the term "study room vastu" that success or failure is determined by the student's strenuous efforts and the surrounding energies. To see significant progress in their results, parents should choose the positions listed below for their child's study room, according to Vastu Shastra.

  • Study room in the east direction:

The best Direction For the Study Table According To Vastu is East, hence it should be the first option for. As the Sun rises in the east, a source of energy, wisdom, and intellectual power. So, if you want your child to have these aspects of the Sun, this direction is ideal according to Vastu Shastra.

  • Study room in the northeast direction:

'Lord Shiva' rules over this direction. This path is ideal for a vastu-compliant study room. The northeast direction, which represents the water element, also helps to calm your child's mind.

  • Study room in southwest direction:

Do you not achieve your long-awaited success in competitive exams? Or are you having difficulty acquiring specialized knowledge? According to vastu shastra, you should prioritize the construction of a study room in the plot's southwest direction.

  • Study room in east of southeast direction:

The phrase "east of southeast" refers to the area between east and southeast. This direction is ideal for creating a study room, especially for children who are just beginning their educational journey. A study room in this direction fosters inquisitiveness in their minds, which is beneficial for learning new things. This path is also beneficial for those involved in research studies.

  • West to southwest direction in the study room:

Is it your ambition to become an administrative officer, such as an IAS or an IPS? Or do you want to do well in your upcoming UPSE exam? A study room in this direction helps you to fulfill your dream. According to Applied Vastu experts, this zone is ideal for all higher education.

Vastu Tips for Placement of Study Table

A study room is incomplete without a study table. It is one of the important elements of study room. So, the Direction For Study Table As Per Vastu is necessary if you want maximum benefits from your Vastu complaint study room.

A Direction For Study Table Vastu should be in the east and north corners of the room, with a gap (3-4 inches) between it and the wall behind it. Orienting study tables correctly improves a student's concentration. It also improves his comprehension ability, memory retention power, and academic interest. As a result, the Vastu consultants provided us with some study table advice.

Best Facing for Study as Per Vastu

As per the Best Vastu Consultant in Ahmedabad, Mr. Ashish Somani’s specific directions positively impact a child's or a student's psychology while studying. Students must follow these directions, which are mentioned below, according to their respective fields:

  • North-For finance students
  • East-Social and political science
  • South-Law
  • West-Computer science 

Vastu Tips for Study Room’s Color according to Vastu

Some colors, according to Astro Vastu Consultant, have a positive effect on a child's psychology and increase their intellectual capacity. According to 'Vastu Shastra,' light colors such as yellow (learning), pale pink, or light green (wisdom) are ideal for painting study room walls. Aside from these colors, white and ivory are also good choices for the study room.

Shape of the Room

According to 'Vastu Shastra,' it is beneficial to build a pyramid-shaped study room for your child. This particular shaped study room aids in his academic performance.

Additional Vastu Tips for Students to Improve Their Performance

  • Choose a study location that is quiet and free of distractions. 
  • A good physical posture aids concentration and should be maintained while sitting in your study chair. 
  • Always hang positive images on the wall in front of a study table, such as a sunrise in the ocean, flowers, the sea, waterfalls, and galloping horses. Such images fill us with positive energy and inspire students to be positive.