Vastu Tips for Mercury and Stair Placement in Home

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Vastu Tips for Mercury and Stair Placement in Home

Vastu Tips for Mercury and Stair Placement in Home

Vastu Tips for Mercury and Stair Placement in Home by Vastu Consultant

The arrangement and positioning of stairs within a home are believed to significantly influence the flow of energy and various aspects of life, particularly governed by specific planets like Mercury. Here’s an elaboration on the tips related to stairs and Mercury’s influence:

Understanding Mercury and Stairs in Vastu

Stairs in a home are associated with Mercury, a planet symbolizing communication, intellect, and commerce in Vedic astrology. Their placement and what is stored or placed beneath them can either enhance or disrupt these aspects of life.

  1. Food Storage:

    • Food represents the Moon, which is not friendly with Mercury. Storing food below the stairs can adversely affect Mercury’s influence, potentially leading to challenges in business, communication, or even academic pursuits. This arrangement may result in financial losses or misunderstandings in interpersonal relationships.
  2. Shoe Rack:

    • Placing a shoe rack below the stairs combines the energies of Saturn and Mercury. While this can be beneficial for professional stability, it may hinder the growth and social activities of children. Individuals in such homes might find themselves less inclined towards travel and socializing due to this arrangement.
  3. Washroom Placement:

    • A washroom situated beneath the stairs combines the energies of Rahu and Mercury. This alignment is believed to have negative effects, particularly impacting children adversely. It may contribute to health issues or psychological challenges among younger residents.
  4. Cloth Storage:

    • Storing clothes below the stairs combines Mercury’s energy with that of Venus, which is generally favorable. This arrangement can enhance the aesthetic appeal and harmony within the household.
  5. Newspaper Storage:

    • Keeping newspapers below the stairs is considered auspicious, fostering a positive flow of information and communication throughout the home.
  6. Garbage Storage:

    • Storing garbage below the stairs is generally discouraged as it disrupts the flow of positive energy associated with Mercury and can lead to overall negativity in the household environment.
  7. Cut in Stairs or Plants Like Cactus:

    • Any structural cuts in stairs or the presence of plants like cactus near them can create disturbances related to Mercury. It is advised to maintain the integrity of staircases and avoid plants that symbolize negativity or require careful handling.
  8. Electronic Devices:

    • Non-functional electronic devices such as mobile phones, TVs, or music systems should not be kept in the home as they can adversely affect Mercury’s influence. This may result in technological failures or disruptions in communication.
  9. Toys and Communication Devices:

    • Broken toys that create noise or damaged communication devices like mobile phones should be avoided, especially around children. These items can impact speech development in young ones and hinder effective communication within the family.
  10. Positioning Opposite the Main Gate:

    • If stairs are directly opposite the main entrance, caution should be exercised in communication, particularly with partners or spouses. Miscommunications in such homes can lead to conflicts and misunderstandings.
  11. Impact on Children:

    • If a child is born in a home where stairs are positioned opposite the main gate, they may tend to be shorter in height and inclined towards pursuing studies in commerce-related fields.
  12. Placement of Surya Photo Frame:

    • Placing a photo frame of the Sun (Surya) above the stairs is considered auspicious, bringing prosperity and positive energy flow into the home.
  13. Energy Flow Considerations:

    • Stairs represent a continuous flow of energy within a home. Care should be taken to avoid sitting or sleeping directly opposite to the opening or closing of stairs, as this may disrupt the natural flow of energy in the living space.

In conclusion, adhering to Vastu principles regarding the placement and usage of stairs can significantly influence the harmony and well-being of occupants. By carefully considering these tips related to Mercury’s influence on stairs, individuals can optimize the flow of positive energy within their homes and mitigate potential challenges in communication, health, and overall prosperity.

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