8 Vastu Tips for Marriage And Healthy Relationship

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Vastu Tips for Marriage

8 Vastu Tips for Marriage And Healthy Relationship

Marriages are made in heaven! However, you need Vastu Tips for Marriage to make sure you lead a healthy and a happy life with your partner. If you are the person who believes in the principles of Vastu shastra, then you need to consider the tips of vastu Tips for marriage as well. As it will help in improving the interpersonal relationship with your spouse.

In this article, we will discuss some tips related to Vastu for Good Married Life. These tips are suggested by the Best Astrologer Vastu Consultant, Mr Ashish Somani. That will help you brighten your love life and add colors to it.

Here Are The Vastu Tips for a Happy Married Life

Blue and Purple Colors are Crucial

To have clarity of thoughts between the partner, is very important. This can be assured by having blue and purple color hues in the northeast direction. These tips of Vastu for Happy Married life are crucial. Additionally, there should be a maximum opening.

Fire Element in Kitchen Has Pivotal Role

Due to the presence of the fire element (kitchen) in the southeast, the female partner is physically and mentally stable. In this direction, there should be an orange color. In a nutshell, it is the female power center of Vastu, which is critical for a happy and romantic life.

Master Bedroom in South-West is Must

The master bedroom must be located in the southwest, balancing the male power center to create the best chemistry between the two. Females value stability, as well as decision-making and implementation, which leads to leadership and dominance. It is also advised to avoid having a master bedroom in the northeast, north-west, or southeast.

Position of Bed

The correct position of the bed in the master bedroom must be either in the south region or in the southwest, however, it shouldn’t be between the two which can lead to repetitive failure and hence cause a disgusting situation. Moreover, it is recommended to avoid a metal bed that often disturbs the bedroom and causes tension between the partners.

Placement of the Lampshades

Another important tip suggested by Ashish Somani the best Astrologer in Ahmedabad is about the placement of lampshades with soft or pastel-colored lighting. Spreading of pink or light-colored sheets with flowery designs is good for people looking forward to marriage.

Avoid Mirror Facing the Bed 

Avoid having a mirror directly facing the bed. The larger the mirror, the greater the possibility of marital strain/ problems. Also causing health issues, fatigue, and drowsiness. As a result, mirrors in bedrooms should be avoided or covered.

Indoor Plants for Health Relationship

One should make sure that the northeast corner of the room is not cluttered in any way. Indoor plants, white flowers in the North corner, and purple or red roses in the South-West corner help in improving the relationship.

Proper Balance of The Five Elements

The proper balance of the five elements, which are fire, water, earth, air, and space, must be in proper balance. Moreover, the balance of the Northeast direction is associated with water elements. Having the auspicious pooja room in the northeast corner is also good. The southeast of the house is associated with the fire. As a result, the kitchen in this direction is conducive to lively relationships.

Things to Avoid According to the Vastu Tips for Marriage

  • Sleeping in the northeast or southeast bedroom should be avoided. 
  • Thorny and bonsai plants should never be kept. 
  • Avoid using dark colors on your walls. 
  • Keep no mirrors in front of the bed.
  • Metal beds should not be kept.
  • Avoid beds with storage, even if they are made of wood.