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Vastu Tips for Kitchen

Vastu Tips for Kitchen

Vastu Tips for Kitchen with Best Vastu consultant in Ahmedabad

Creating a Vastu-Compliant Kitchen for Positive Energy and Harmony

The kitchen, often considered the heart of the home, plays a crucial role in promoting the health, happiness, and prosperity of the household. By following Vastu principles, you can ensure that your kitchen radiates positive energy and harmony. Here are some essential Vastu tips to create a balanced and beneficial kitchen environment:

Ideal Location

The kitchen should ideally be placed in the southeast corner of the house. This direction is associated with the fire element, which is essential for cooking and symbolizes energy and vitality. If the southeast corner is not available, the northwest corner is the second-best option.

Shape and Layout

Opt for a square or rectangular shape for the kitchen to maintain energy harmony. Irregular shapes can disrupt the positive energy flow, leading to an imbalance in the kitchen’s environment.

Platform Color

The kitchen platform should ideally be white. Dark colors tend to absorb and retain heat, which may not be favorable according to Vastu. If your platform is of a dark color, you can mitigate this by placing white cloth or objects on it while cooking to balance the energy.

Avoid Green Color and Plants

Green color and plants should be avoided in the kitchen. According to Vastu, green signifies Mercury, while the significator of food is the Moon. Mercury and Moon are considered to not harmonize well together, and their clash can disrupt the kitchen’s positive energy.

Separation of Water and Heat Elements

Avoid placing water and heat elements close to each other in the kitchen. This means keeping sinks and stoves apart to maintain a balanced and harmonious environment. The conflicting energies of water and fire can lead to disturbances if placed too close together.

Placement of Water Vessel

The water vessel should ideally be placed in the northeast direction of the kitchen. If this is not possible due to constraints, placing some water in the northeast corner of the kitchen can also be beneficial. This placement helps in maintaining the balance of energies in the kitchen.

Placement of Fridge and Microwave

The ideal placement for the fridge and microwave is in the southeast corner of the kitchen. This alignment is believed to bring positive energy and harmony to the kitchen space, as it aligns with the fire element of the southeast direction.

Cooking Direction

For the best results, cook facing east or north. Avoid cooking facing west or south, as these directions can lead to health issues and negativity. Cooking while facing the east direction is particularly auspicious, as it invites prosperity and good health.

Avoid Wheat Storage

According to Vastu principles, it is recommended not to store wheat in the kitchen. The kitchen is considered the natural place of Shukra (Venus), and wheat is associated with the Sun. Storing wheat in the kitchen may disrupt the balance of energies, potentially affecting Venus negatively.


Ensure proper ventilation with windows or exhaust fans to maintain a healthy atmosphere. Good ventilation helps in the free flow of positive energy and eliminates negative vibes from the kitchen. It also ensures that the kitchen remains fresh and odor-free.

Avoid Clutter

Keep the kitchen clean and clutter-free to prevent obstruction of positive energy flow. A cluttered kitchen can lead to confusion and stress, while a tidy kitchen promotes clarity and peace.


Ensure sufficient natural or artificial lighting to create a vibrant and positive atmosphere in the kitchen. Good lighting is essential for maintaining high energy levels and creating a warm and inviting space.

Positioning of Staircases

If there is a staircase leading to the basement or another level, ensure it is placed in the southern or western part of the house. Avoid spiral staircases, as they may disrupt the energy flow. A simple, straight staircase is considered more Vastu-friendly and enhances the connection to different parts of the house.

By adhering to these Vastu tips, you can create a kitchen that not only serves its practical purposes but also contributes to the overall well-being and prosperity of the household. Following Vastu principles helps in creating a harmonious and positive environment, making the kitchen a place of nourishment and happiness.

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