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Vaastu Suggestion for Installing Image above the main Door

Vaastu Suggestion for Installing Image above the main Door

Vaastu Suggestion for Installing Image above the main Door with Astro Vastu Consultant in Ahmedabad

In Astro Vaastu, the placement and selection of idols based on one’s ascendant (Lagna) can significantly influence the energy flow and harmony within a home or workspace. Each ascendant is associated with specific deities whose presence is believed to bring favorable outcomes and positive vibrations. Additionally, various structural elements and auspicious symbols can further enhance the beneficial energies. Here’s an elaborate explanation of the recommended idols and Vaastu practices for different ascendants:

Recommended Idols for Each Ascendant

Aries and Scorpio Ascendants

For individuals with Aries (Mesha) and Scorpio (Vrishchika) ascendants, Lord Hanuman is considered highly auspicious. Hanuman, the epitome of strength, courage, and devotion, aligns well with the fiery and determined nature of these signs. Placing an idol of Lord Hanuman can:

  • Enhance physical and mental strength.
  • Provide protection against negative influences and evil forces.
  • Foster courage and resilience in overcoming obstacles.

Taurus and Libra Ascendants

Taurus (Vrishabha) and Libra (Tula) ascendants are advised to have a female deity in their space. Deities like Goddess Lakshmi, Saraswati, or Durga can bring:

These deities harmonize with the Venusian qualities of beauty, grace, and harmony associated with Taurus and Libra.

Gemini and Virgo Ascendants

For Gemini (Mithuna) and Virgo (Kanya) ascendants, Lord Ganesh is the ideal deity. Ganesh, known as the remover of obstacles and the god of beginnings, can:

  • Facilitate smooth and successful ventures.
  • Enhance intellectual capabilities and communication skills.
  • Bring prosperity and good fortune.

His presence supports the Mercurial traits of intellect, adaptability, and curiosity inherent in Gemini and Virgo.

Cancer Ascendant

Cancer (Karka) ascendants are recommended to have an idol of Lord Shreenathji (a form of Krishna) or Lord Shiva. These deities can provide:

  • Emotional stability and inner peace (Shreenathji).
  • Transformation and spiritual growth (Shiva).

The nurturing and protective energies of these deities resonate well with the sensitive and caring nature of Cancer.

Leo Ascendant

For Leo (Simha) ascendants, Lord Surya (Sun god) is highly favorable. Surya represents vitality, leadership, and authority, which align with Leo’s natural inclination towards prominence and power. An idol or image of Surya can:

  • Boost self-confidence and leadership qualities.
  • Promote health and vitality.
  • Ensure success and recognition in endeavors.

Sagittarius and Pisces Ascendants

Sagittarius (Dhanu) and Pisces (Meena) ascendants benefit from the presence of Lord Vishnu or a statue of their guru. These figures symbolize:

  • Preservation, protection, and stability (Vishnu).
  • Wisdom, guidance, and spiritual growth (guru).

Their presence supports the expansive and philosophical nature of Sagittarius and the spiritual and compassionate tendencies of Pisces.

Capricorn and Aquarius Ascendants

For Capricorn (Makara) and Aquarius (Kumbha) ascendants, Lord Shiva or a horse nail is suggested. Shiva’s transformative and ascetic qualities resonate with the disciplined and innovative nature of these signs. A horse nail, symbolizing protection and strength, can:

  • Provide stability and grounding.
  • Enhance perseverance and resilience.
  • Protect against negative energies and misfortunes.

Structural Elements and Auspicious Symbols

Umro or Chaukhat for Main Gate

Having a well-defined doorframe (umro or chaukhat) for the main entrance is crucial. It acts as a boundary that:

  • Protects against negative energies.
  • Ensures the smooth flow of positive energy into the premises.

Elevated Floor Level

The floor of the main entrance should be slightly higher than the outside floor level. This elevation:

  • Symbolizes upliftment and positive progression.
  • Prevents the entry of negative energies from the external environment.

Auspicious Signs

Painting auspicious symbols like Swastik, Om, or other sacred motifs on the floor near the main entrance can further enhance positive energies. These symbols:

  • Attract prosperity and good fortune.
  • Provide spiritual protection and blessings.

Considering Planetary Influences

While the ascendant plays a significant role in determining the appropriate deity, the planets positioned in or aspecting the Lagna also influence this decision. For instance:

  • A strong or afflicted Sun in the Lagna may necessitate additional Surya-related remedies.
  • The presence of Mars may call for Hanuman’s influence to balance its fiery energy.

By aligning with these Astro Vaastu principles, individuals can create an environment that supports their spiritual, emotional, and material well-being, fostering a harmonious and prosperous life.


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