Vaastu Suggestion for Bedroom to Create Harmonious Relation with Best Vastu Consultant Ahmedabad

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Vaastu Suggestion for Bedroom to Create Harmonious Relation with Best Vastu Consultant Ahmedabad

Vaastu Suggestion for Bedroom to Create Harmonious Relation with Best Vastu Consultant Ahmedabad

Vaastu Suggestion for Bedroom to Create Harmonious Relation with Vaastu Consultant in Ahmedabad

In Astro Vaastu, the 12th house of your Kundali (birth chart) symbolizes the bedroom, representing rest, retreat, and personal space. Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and comfort, governs the bedroom. To ensure the bedroom fosters a peaceful and harmonious environment, it’s essential to consider the influences of different planets and avoid certain items associated with them. Here’s an in-depth look at the recommendations:

Venus: The Ruler of the Bedroom

Venus signifies luxury, comfort, and sensuality. A well-balanced Venus brings harmony, aesthetic beauty, and a restful atmosphere to the bedroom. However, the presence of items linked to other planets can disturb this balance.

Items to Avoid in the Bedroom

Moon-Associated Items

Why Avoid? The Moon governs emotions, nourishment, and water elements. Keeping Moon-related items in the bedroom can disrupt emotional stability and peace.

Items to Avoid:

  1. Food and Water: Avoid keeping food and water sources, like water fountains, in the bedroom. This can create unnecessary emotional turbulence and restlessness.
  2. Silver Ornaments: Silver, a metal associated with the Moon, can also disturb the tranquil energy needed for restful sleep.
  3. Images of Water Bodies: Pictures or representations of water fountains or water bodies should be avoided.

Mercury-Associated Items

Why Avoid? Although Mercury is a friend of Venus, it symbolizes communication, intellect, and movement, which are not conducive to a restful bedroom environment.

Items to Avoid:

  1. Books and Plants: While beneficial in other areas of the home, these can introduce an active and restless energy to the bedroom.
  2. Communication Devices: Items like phones, tablets, and computers can disrupt the serene and intimate atmosphere.
  3. Travel-Related Items: These can promote restlessness and impede relaxation.

Mars-Associated Items

Why Avoid? Mars is associated with aggression, energy, and conflict. Its presence in the bedroom can lead to disturbances and conflicts between partners.

Items to Avoid:

  1. Weapons and Sports Equipment: These symbolize aggression and competition.
  2. Gym Equipment: This introduces a high-energy and active atmosphere.
  3. Medicines: Representing health issues, they can create an aura of discomfort and unease.

Sun-Associated Items

Why Avoid? The Sun, while vital for life, represents authority, discipline, and vitality, which can be too intense for a peaceful bedroom setting.

Items to Avoid:

  1. Images of Lord Sun: These can introduce a powerful, authoritative energy.
  2. Representations of Seven Horses: Symbolizing the Sun’s chariot, these can bring a sense of relentless activity and drive.
  3. Wheat: As a staple grain, it symbolizes sustenance and work, which are energies better suited for the kitchen or pantry.

Ketu-Associated Items

Why Avoid? Ketu represents spirituality, detachment, and the subconscious mind. While these qualities are beneficial, they are too intense for a relaxing bedroom environment.

Items to Avoid:

  1. Spiritual Texts and Meditation Equipment: These promote detachment and introspection, which can disturb the sensual and restful vibe needed in the bedroom.
  2. Flags and War Images: These symbolize conflict and struggle.
  3. Images of Micro Elements, Lord Ganesh, or Maa Durga: Although spiritually potent, these can create an atmosphere that is too active and spiritually intense for rest.

Maintaining Balance in the Bedroom

  1. Promote Venus Energy: Ensure the bedroom is decorated with soft, calming colors, luxurious fabrics, and comfortable furniture to enhance Venus’s positive influence.
  2. Minimalist Approach: Keep the bedroom free from clutter and avoid heavy furniture or decor items that could disrupt the flow of positive energy.
  3. Personal Touch: Incorporate personal touches that reflect love, beauty, and comfort, such as soft lighting, romantic photographs, and soothing scents.
  4. Regular Cleaning: Maintain cleanliness to ensure the energy remains fresh and positive.


By aligning the bedroom with the principles of Astro Vaastu and respecting the planetary influences, one can create a serene and harmonious space that promotes rest, rejuvenation, and marital harmony. Always consider the specific needs and circumstances of your household, and consult with an Astro Vaastu expert for personalized guidance. This approach ensures that the energy in your bedroom supports a tranquil and balanced life.