Vaastu Remedies for Northwest Corner Vaastu Defects

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Vaastu Remedies for Northwest Corner Vaastu Defects

Vaastu Remedies for Northwest Corner Vaastu Defects

Transform Your Life: Remedies for Northwest Corner Vaastu Defects with Best Vaastu consultant

Northwest corner or Vayu Corner is governed by the Planet Moon and the element for it is Vayu Or Air. In Kundali Partial 5th house and 6th house is to be seen as northwest corner.

This is a very important corner as it denotes Kids, Fame, Disease, Loan, enemies, mental disease, food, digestive system, day to day karma, condition of bahan bua and beti, Nanihal, Mama, communication etc. any damage in the sector will impact the life of not only the native but also for other relatives as mentioned above.

Here we will see some effect of northwest sector in our day-to-day life.

Main Door in Northwest.

If the main door is in northwest, then it will increase the Vayu in the house and increase the power of moon, effect will as below

Person needs to very careful while talking as due to increased Vayu he may speak some word which will negatively affect him.

Chances to Continuous disease will be there.

Person will spend lesser time at home, or he will have lot of guests.

Female native of the premises will be high in emotion due to incremental Moon power.

Food will be very prominent in the house, as person staying in the house will be more focused on food.

If the moon is bad in chart, premises will have water leakage.

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Chance of Extra martial relationship.

Kids of the house will see emotional ups and down.


Offering water to the person coming to home, be it delivery boy or any person will be good.

Offering food items to house help or to the person working for you will be helpful.

Offering emotional support to the house help or person working for will be helpful.

Installing silver wire will improve the energy of Moon.

Placing Hanuman ji Idol at Main Gate.

Cut in Northwest

Problem in conceiving.

Adverse effect in the studies of the kid.

Pret Badha Yoga (Person will be suffering from mental disease)

Problem in Food.


Not able to find diagnosis/cure of disease.

Problem at Nanihal or at Bua Place.


Place Lord Hanuman Idol at Northwest corner.

Install Vayu Yatra, Pyramid in the sector.

White color wall will increase the energy of Moon in northwest sector.

Having Ganga Water in the house and regularly using it.

Try to have northwest corner more airy.

Other Points

Kitchen in northwest sector is not that bad after southeast this is the place for having kitchen, Kitchen in this place will invite more guest in the house.

Washroom in Northwest is not good it will have Rahu Moon or Rahu Saturn impact, Person will see frequent changes in profession/job and will suffer for mental illness.

Bathroom in Northwest is not bad; however, care should be taken for water leakage in the area.

Shoe Rack in the area will create problem in profession and in married life.

Study Room in the area is good for person studying for aeronautics, Food, Wireless Transmission, Import Export, airhostess, pilot etc.

Under Water Tank in the northwest sector is not good as it will create depression in the area, we can have small fountain in the area to strengthen the moon.

Bedroom in the area is not that bad, however if the moon is bad in the kundali then this will enhance the bad effect and the person will suffer more.

Drawing Room/Guest Room are good in this sector.

Storeroom is good as due to Vayu, things will replaced fast.

I hope that this will Help you in correcting the Vaastu of your house, also if you see any kind of mental depression in female of the house then first check this sector as this has a direct link to the mental tensions and due to moon it will more impact the female native of the house.

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