Vaastu Importance of East Direction and its remedies

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Vaastu Importance of East Direction and its remedies

Vaastu Importance of East Direction and its remedies

Vaastu Importance of East Direction and its remedies with Vastu Consultant in Ahmedabad

In Vaastu Shastra, the East direction holds profound significance as it is associated with Indra, the king of all devas, and Surya, the king of all planets. This direction symbolizes vitality, growth, and prosperity in various aspects of life according to Vedic beliefs. Understanding its impact and addressing any defects through remedies is crucial for maintaining harmony and positive energy flow in a living or working space.

Importance of East Direction in Vaastu

The East direction governs several crucial aspects of life:

  1. Kids and Growth of Kids: It influences the well-being and development of children.

  2. Progress in Life: Success, growth, and advancement in personal and professional endeavors are influenced by the energy of the East.

  3. Self-Health: Physical and mental well-being of the inhabitants.

  4. Father: The East direction also impacts the health and influence of the father figure in the household.

  5. Reputation in Society: It plays a role in how one is perceived and respected in society.

  6. Promotions: Career advancements and recognition in one’s professional life.

  7. Support from King or Government: Favorable outcomes in legal matters, government-related issues, and administrative support.

  8. Soul Upliftment: Spiritual growth and higher consciousness.

  9. Supreme Knowledge: It is associated with acquiring wisdom and knowledge.

Defects in the East Direction

Identifying and rectifying defects in the East direction is crucial to mitigate negative impacts on life:

  1. Staircase in East: This combination of Rahu and Sun can bring challenges, especially affecting children’s well-being and attracting unfavorable attention from government authorities.

  2. Toilets in East: A placement associated with Rahu and Sun can lead to negative energies affecting health and prosperity.

  3. East Level Higher than Rest of Premises: Imbalances caused by this can adversely affect children’s lives and the professional success of the occupants.

  4. Closed Store Room in East: This combination also involving Rahu and Sun can disrupt positive energy flow and cause obstacles in various aspects of life.

  5. Cut in East Direction: When Ketu and Sun are involved, it can lead to issues affecting reputation and the health of the father figure in the family.

  6. Painting of Deceased in East Wall: Such representations can attract negative energies and hinder progress in life.

Remedies for East Direction

To counteract these defects and enhance positive energies:

  1. Use of Sun Mantra, Idol, or Painting: Installing symbols or representations of the Sun can balance energies associated with the East. Reciting the Aditya Hridaya Stotra and performing homa (yagya) for Lord Sun can also be beneficial, especially if Sun is unfavorably placed in the birth chart (kundali).

  2. Avoidance of Toilets in East: If a toilet exists, it should be converted into a bathroom to reduce negative impacts on health and prosperity.

  3. Rising Sun Painting: Placing a painting depicting the rising Sun in the East can bring positivity and vitality.

  4. Clock Placement: Installing a clock in the East direction can enhance the flow of positive energy and aid in timely achievements.

  5. Yellow Light for Storeroom: If a storeroom is located in the East, using yellow light can help mitigate negative influences.


Incorporating these remedies based on Vaastu principles for the East direction can significantly improve various aspects of life, including health, career, family harmony, and societal standing. By aligning living or working spaces according to these guidelines, individuals can harness positive energies associated with Indra and Surya, promoting overall well-being and prosperity. Regular assessment and correction of any Vaastu defects ensure a harmonious and thriving environment conducive to personal and professional success.

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