Vaastu Effect of Painting opposite to Main door

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Vaastu Effect of Painting opposite to Main door

Vaastu Effect of Painting opposite to Main door

Vaastu Effect of Painting opposite to Main door with Vastu Consultant in Ahmedabad

Today we are going to discuss impact of picture, Painting, Sculpture, or Effect of Painting opposite to entry door.

Opposite to entry gate the place is 7th house of our chart, which has a direct relation with spouse, relationship, and Partnership. This also defines how we will interact with outer world.

below is the the commonly used Paintings/Idol in house and their impact.

Sheenah ji Idol or Lord Krishna Idol.

Lord Krishna is the avatar of moon on the earth, so it gives effect similar to moon.

If the moon is placed in 1st or 7th house this is very good, however if the moon is not so placed it will give travelling and change in Relationship, If the image is of Radha Krishna, it is very good.

Person will be very soft spoken to outer world and will offer food, water, or emotional help to strangers.

Lord Rama Idol or Picture of Sun

Lord Rama is the avatar of Sun on the earth, so it gives effect similar to sun.

If the sun is placed in 7th house or 1st house this is good, other than that it will give break in marriage and partnership, It shows frequent quarrel between couple/partner due to EGO.

Image of Lord Ram &Sita is very good.

Person will be harsh and straight forward in his speech however he will be utmost honest and truthful.

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Lord Buddha Idol or Painting related to mercury such as trees, three female, Musical Instrument etc.

Lord Buddha is the avatar of Mercury (Budh), so it gives effect similar to Mercury.

If the Mercury is Placed in 7th house of 1st House this is good, however if the mercury is not so placed it will give multiple relation, Spouse of the person will be good in communication and siblings will frequently visit his home.

Person will be diplomatic and good in his speech and will be very socialize.

Lord Shiva Idol or Painting

Lord Shiva is the Guru of Lord Shani, and it carries the energy of Moon also however specifically he is not related to any planet.

Placing Lord shiva idol will give you more of spiritual nature and person will be not much interested in worldly things, as the energy grows, he will attain vairagya.

Lord Ganesh Idol/Painting.

Placing lord Ganesh is good as it will bring harmony in the house, however care should be taken the picture is of full Ganesh other wise it will give effect of ketu and will break the marriage or partnership.

Also, should not place multiple Ganesh in the house, this will disturb the energy of home.

Idol or Picture of DEVI.

This is very good as it represents Venus in its purest form. Even if Venus is badly placed in the chart, it will nullify the negative effect.

Which Idol of Devi is to be used need to see from 7th house of Chart and also the conjunction of Venus, for example Venus and mercury Conjunction Maa Durga, Venus Rahu Conjunction Maa Kali and so on.

Horse image.

Horse image is not good for this place as it will increase the energy and person will not stay in the house for long time.

Flowers Painting

It is very good and will increase the energy of Venus, good for relationship.


Mirror should not be used opposite to entry gate, however above the gate paakua mirror can be placed.

I hope the above will be helpful.

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