Temple Placement and Their Influence in Vedic Astrology

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Temple Placement and Their Influence in Vedic Astrology and Vastu

Temple Placement and Their Influence in Vedic Astrology

Temple Placement and Their Influence in Vedic Astrology 

The placement of temples in various directions significantly impacts life according to Vedic Astrology. While Northeast is traditionally considered optimal, this blog explores how temples in different directions—East, North, Northwest, West, Southwest, South, and Southeast—affect personal and familial dynamics, career, health, and spiritual practices and this also depend on individual Horoscope and Planet Associated with Jupiter. lets deep dive into this with Best Astrologer in Ahmedabad

Temple in East Direction

  • Individuals are known for their honesty and helpful nature.
  • Often associated with religious or educational organizations.
  • Generally in good health but prone to diabete and other disease.
  • Their blessings for others come true, yet it may affect their own luck negatively.
  • They invoke divine grace (Bhagwan ki Daya se) before blessing anyone.
  • Spouse tends to be short in height but skilled in communication.

Temple in Northeast Direction

  • A favorable position indicating past-life karma towards Brahmins.
  • Regular offerings and dakshina to Brahmins are recommended.
  • Family members involved in religious or educational pursuits.
  • Resides near schools or temples, fostering good relationships with neighbors.
  • Prefers group outings and public transport, especially to religious sites.
  • Ritualistic in performing poojas, ringing bells, and reciting mantras loudly.
  • Conversations often revolve around religion, education, or ancient scriptures.

Temple in North Direction

  • Ideal placement, enhancing devotion to Lord Vishnu or Guru.
  • Regular offerings and prasad rituals at home.
  • Typically resides in a spacious home with frequent family visits.
  • Possesses multiple vehicles and enjoys a stable career in real estate or bullion.
  • Often hosts guests with a penchant for offering food generously.

Temple in Northwest Direction

  • Unfavorable for health, leading to frequent illnesses and travel.
  • Supports education but poses obstacles.
  • Romanticizes their partner, viewing them akin to a deity.
  • Prone to allergic skin conditions and ineffective communication.
  • Recognized for intelligence in profession, though avoids conflicts.
  • Frequently visits hospitals for minor ailments and suffers from stomach issues.
  • Extended family at the maternal home tends to be affluent but not socially active.

Temple in West Direction

  • Tricky positioning, beneficial for spouse’s health.
  • Worships deities like Mahadev or devi.
  • Spouse is likely to be fond of good food and associated with education or religious institutions.
  • Flourishes in partnership businesses but faces challenges in trading.
  • Networks extensively with spiritual leaders and achieves financial success through family and friends in business.

Temple in Southwest Direction

  • Inauspicious for health, leading to chronic illnesses and surgeries.
  • In-laws involved in education or religious roles.
  • Intrigued by the occult and often seeks hidden knowledge.
  • Perceived as lacking respect within the family.
  • Prefers travels to religious sites alone.
  • Tends to have a heavier physique and is less socially active.

Temple in South Direction

  • Typically found in homes of teachers or those in the education sector.
  • Influenced by paternal figures and extended family.
  • Favorable for business success but often leads to separation from parents after marriage.
  • In-laws reside near temples or schools.
  • Property often acquired in the spouse’s name, engaging in dual professions.

Temple in Southeast Direction

  • Not an auspicious placement, prone to acidity and high blood pressure.
  • Generates income but tends to overspend.
  • Conducts rituals in personalized ways.
  • Maintains a large circle of external acquaintances, diverting attention from home life.
  • Engages in solo long-duration travels to religious destinations.
  • Spouse is religious, attractive, and tends to be overweight, though receives inadequate attention.
  • Known for unsolicited advice and erratic sleeping patterns.

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