Southeast Corner Vaastu dosha and its Remedies

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Southeast Corner Vaastu dosha and its Remedies

Southeast Corner Vaastu dosha and its Remedies

Southeast Corner Vaastu dosha and its Remedies with Vastu Consultant in Ahmedabad

Southeast corner in Vaastu is best known as AgniKon (अग्निकोण) Deity of the same is Agni Dev and Planet Associated is Shukra and Tattva is Agni.

Kitchen, Electrical transformer, Heat generating equipment are best placed in southeast.

As Shukra is the planet associated with it, so it governs our Relationship, Family, Wealth, Marital Pleasure, Bedroom, Long distance Travelling etc.

Here we will discuss some major Vaastu dosha in home related to अग्निकोण and its remedies.

Dosha of Main door in Southeast corner.


  • Since the Planet is Venus, it will affect female native of the house more.
  • Door in Southeast will bring more Agni at home, so person staying in the house will be more aggressive and will observe fight in the house.
  • Southeast door one thing is prominent that the moment spouse comes home in the evening he/she will be filled with anger.
  • Due to Southeast door Venus energy will increase so chances of extra martial affair will increase.
  • As Agni is the Tattva for this sector so a southeast door will bring acidity, high BP and other related disease.
  • In this combination person will not be able to save the wealth or in other words wealth creation will be more difficult.
  • Person will not travel for leisure in this combination, he will travel for his family matters only.


  • Installation of sliver wire is recommended, however before applying this, position of moon needs to be seen in the Kundali, As If the moon is powerful or in the next house of Venus this remedy will bring separation.
  • Main door should not remain open all the time.
  • Placing of Maa Laxmi in front of main gate will help.
  • Flower soaked in water may be placed at main entrance for better result.
  • Pyramid can also be helpful.
  • Regular Aahuti to Agni dev in the house will also remove the negative effect, for this one can plan havan at home at regular interval.

Dosha of Toilet In Southeast corner


  • Problems in Marriage Life.
  • Chances of female young kid involve with wrong person.
  • Problem related to constipation, acidity etc.
  • Not able to create wealth, Money spends on disease or waste full expenditure.


  • Change in the structure or stop utilizing the toilet.
  • Install Copper wire of silver wire in the outer floor wall of toilet.
  • Keep the Toilet neat and clean and with proper arrangement of exhaust.
  • Use of pyramid or Yantra for Energy balancing.

Dosha of Cut in the southeast corner


  • Issues in Marriage and if not married problem in getting married.
  • Loss in Investment.
  • Wife or female in the house falling sick.


  • Pray to Maa Laxmi
  • Paint the southeast wall with pink color or use pink color light.
  • Arrange some fresh flowers in the area and keep changing them.
  • Install some good fragrance in that area.

Dosha of Under water Tank and Overhead water tank in Southeast corner


  • Disease related to cancer
  • Problem in Marital relationship.
  • Female in the family may not utilize their full potential and feel dull and stressed.


  • Structural changes are highly recommended.
  • Till the time structure are not altered install silver wire to cut the water tank from house.
  • Wall or tank can be painted yellow or pink.
  • Placing yellow/pink bulb over the Tank.

Other Points

  • Bedroom for Male is not good in the Southeast corner, Unmarried female can sleep in that corner.
  • Shoe Rack or Storeroom needs to be avoided as it will again damage Venus, which in turn will impact relationship and wealth.
  • Floor level of southeast corner should be above the northeast but below southwest corner.
  • Many persons place Cow and its calf idol at house, care should be taken if Venus or southeast is damages this will adversely impact the life.
  • If the condition of female is not good in the house, then southeast corner normally has some dosha.
  • Sunlight or Sun idol is not preferred as Venus being the cold planet will get disturb due to sun light or Sun idol, some people do install sun idol thinking that it represents Agni however it creates dosha in southeast corner due to Venus Sun enmity.
  • Water fountain is not suitable in the direction.

If problem in marriage, post marriage relationship, female health problems, Disease like cancer or ulcer, problem in wealth generation is observed then premises has southeast corner dosha as discussed above.

One of the best remedies for Venus is take care of female member of family, Pray to Maa Laxmi, Regular havan in home, use of flower and fragrance in home.

Further Venus remedies  will also help to mitigate the negative impact of southeast corner.

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