Saturn and your profession improvement with Vaastu

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Saturn and your profession improvement with Vaastu

Saturn and your profession improvement with Vaastu

Saturn and your profession improvement with Vaastu By Vastu Consultant  Astrologer Ashish Somnai

Saturn, known as Shani in Vedic astrology, is the natural significator of karma, the actions and deeds we perform in our lives. Our business, profession, and job are significant aspects of our karma. To improve the influence of Saturn in these areas, we can incorporate certain practices and remedies into our daily lives. Here, we will discuss some general ways to enhance Saturn’s positive effects and mitigate its challenges.

Importance of Shoes and Shoe Rack

Saturn represents our shoes, as they are made of leather, a material linked to Saturn. The shoe rack, where we store our shoes, is a place where Saturn resides. Therefore, the condition of the shoe rack is crucial. It should be made of durable materials such as stone, wood, or iron, and it must be properly covered and kept clean. A distorted and messy shoe rack can lead to hiccups in one’s profession. Keeping the shoe rack in good condition can help stabilize and enhance professional life.

Hair Care

Saturn is also the significator of hair on our body. Maintaining clean and well-organized hair is essential. Proper hair care can improve Saturn’s influence, thereby positively impacting one’s profession. Neglecting hair care can be a sign of Saturn’s adverse effects, leading to challenges in professional life.

Exercise and Leg Care

Our legs are signified by Saturn, making leg health an important aspect of improving Saturn’s influence. Regular morning walks or exercises that focus on the legs can enhance professional prospects. Any pain or issues with the legs can signal potential changes or losses in profession, so it’s essential to address leg health promptly.

Office Chair and Professional Stability

The office chair is another significant item associated with Saturn. A break or change in the office chair can indicate disturbances in one’s professional life. Maintaining a stable and comfortable office chair can help in sustaining professional stability.

Food and Workplace Etiquette

Moon represents food, and Moon is the natural enemy of Saturn. Eating food at your work desk can bring disturbances to your professional life. It’s advisable to avoid eating at your work desk or table to maintain harmony in your profession.

Western Direction in House/Business Place

In Vaastu Shastra, the western direction is governed by Saturn. This area should be kept cool and should include elements of water. Any dirty or old items in the western direction can bring misery to one’s profession. Keeping this area clean and free from old, unusable articles and rusted iron goods is crucial.

Respect for Time

Saturn, along with the Sun, governs time. Having non-functional clocks in your home or business can bring disruption. Ensuring that all timepieces are working properly can help maintain professional stability.

Cleanliness and Respect for Elders

The place opposite to the entrance, the last part of the house or office, is another natural place for Saturn. This area should be neat and clean. Saturn is also the significator of elderly people and the poor. Showing respect and politeness to elders, poor people, and those who work for you, like house help or juniors in the office, can enhance Saturn’s positive influence.

Bringing New Items

If Saturn is well-placed in your chart, bringing in new items such as wallets, belts, shoes, and furniture can be beneficial for your business and profession. However, if Saturn is poorly placed, introducing new items may invite misery. It’s important to be cautious and mindful of these changes.

Remedies for Saturn

  1. Help the Poor and Elderly: Assisting those in need, especially the elderly, can significantly improve Saturn’s influence.
  2. Donate to Handicapped Persons: Donating items such as wheelchairs to handicapped individuals can be beneficial. NGOs like Narayan Seva Sansthan can facilitate these donations.
  3. Use Oil for Legs and Hair: Regularly applying oil to your legs and hair can improve Saturn’s effects.
  4. Respect for Legal Professionals: Avoid using derogatory language towards lawyers, judges, and the judiciary. Respect for the legal profession is essential as Saturn signifies law.
  5. Pray to Lord Mahadev: Offering prayers to Lord Mahadev can help mitigate Saturn’s challenges.
  6. Offer Oil to Lord Shani: On Saturday evenings, offering oil to Lord Shani can be a powerful remedy.
  7. Feed Crows: Offering food to crows is another way to appease Saturn.
  8. Chanting Mantras: Reciting the mantra “Nilanjana samabhasam raviputram yamagrajam. Chaya martanda sambhutam tam namami shaishcharam” can help in reducing Saturn’s negative effects.
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