Prediction of Lover and Love Life from Ascendant ( Lagna) in Astrology

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Prediction of Lover and Love Life from Ascendant ( Lagna) in Astrology

Prediction of Lover and Love Life from Ascendant ( Lagna) in Astrology

Prediction of Lover and Love Life from Ascendant ( Lagna) in Astrology With Astrologer in Ahmedabad
Love Life from Ascendant are seen from 5th house of the Kundali, Planet sitting, aspects 5th house will govern the events in Love, further Lord of 5th house Rashi will also play significant role.

Here we will only discuss How Lagna or our Ascendant play’s role in love life.

Aries Ascendant (Mesh Lagna)

  • For Aries Ascendant 5th house Rashi is Leo which is ruled by Sun.
  • Aries are very passionate about their love and relationship; they always feel some soul connection with their opposite partner.
  • They feel Proud for their love (being Sun is the lord)
  • In the matter of love, they don’t see anything, they just want to have their partner.
  • As Sun Represents EGO also, sometimes lover go away from them due to their EGO.
  • Father is somehow connected to their love life.
  • Mostly They see upside down in their love life.
  • First love is mostly unfulfilled.
  • Good time to propose someone is daytime.

Taurus Ascendant (Vrishabh Lagna)

  • For Taurus Ascendant 5th house Rashi is Virgo which is ruled by Mercury.
  • Taurus Ascendants are in general are very generous personality and family-oriented persons.
  • Virgo being 6th Rashi they face obstacles in their love life.
  • Their lover serves them well.
  • They fall in love with their colleagues or coworker of person working under them.
  • Events related to disease or big loan generally occur before starting of the relation.
  • Their relationship generally happens with known person to their family.
  • Mercury being lord of Virgo, they generally attract with the person who are good in communication.
  • They want their lover to be hard worker.
  • First love generally ended with fight and after that they don’t want to see their lovers face.
  • They have more than one affair in life.
  • Good time to propose someone is evening time.

Gemini Ascendant (Mithun Lagna)

  • For Gemini Ascendant 5th House Rashi is Libra which is ruled by Venus.
  • Gemini Ascendant in General are very smart and focused on their benefits, however in the matter of love they lose their money.
  • As Venus is the lord of 5th house Rashi they attract towards beauty and fall in love immediately.
  • Lover of the person spends lot of their money.
  • Chances of Love marriage are very high for Gemini Ascendant.
  • Generally, they fall in love with person from distant, or person will move to another place.
  • They meet their lover in some function or at long distance travelling.
  • In Most of the cases they are successful in their love affair, but they should avoid intimacy before marriage.

Cancer Ascendant (Karka Lagna)

  • For Cancer Ascendant 5th house Rashi is Scorpio which is ruled by Mars.
  • Cancer Ascendant are very emotional person being moon is their Lagna lord.
  • Since Scorpio which is the rashi of transformation is falling in 5th house person will see lots of ups and down in Love life.
  • Relationship become very challenging to them, and it brings lot of transformation in their life.
  • Love mostly unfulfilled and lost suddenly.
  • They see lot of fights in their affair.
  • If the Relationship is with Coworker, then chances of survival is higher.
  • They generally fall in love at young age during education.
  • Need to be extremely careful about these ascendant kids as debacle in love will have major impact on their studies.
  • Before entering into relationship, they should well prepare for transformation.

Leo Ascendant (Simha Lagna)

  • For Leo 5th house is Rashi is Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter.
  • Leo is governed by Sun and natural fifth house these people always want to be in love but due to their self-respect or Society does not share their felling with easily.
  • They want to be in love but are not expressive enough to confess their love.
  • Mostly they fall in love during higher education or at some religious place.
  • They generally get a sensible lover but not a passionate one.
  • Chances of love marriages are there however the partner generally don’t try for it.
  • Fear of society or family is the main reason for their depart in love, however they also accept is generously.
  • They need to avoid physical intimacy before marriage otherwise it may bring misery to them.

Virgo Ascendant (Kanya Lagna)

  • For Virgo 5th house Rashi is Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn.
  • Virgo is governed by mercury however as Saturn in the lord of 5th house so they generally avoid relationship.
  • They are more focused on their work.
  • For them Love also become a task and due to that opposite person leave them.
  • Generally, they are less interested in love, as for them it is hard to find a person who match with their working spirit.
  • If at all they fall in love, it will be at their workplace or during their illness.
  • They generally marry to someone whom they don’t know.

Libra Ascendant (Tula Lagna)

  • For Libra 5th house Rashi is Aquarius which is governed by Saturn.
  • Libra is governed by Venus , Saturn is the lord of 5th house, despite that due to Venus they fall in love.
  • They attract towards the person who is in their network or friend circle.
  • They generally get lot of benefit from their lover.
  • Libra person are good looking. however, the person whom they are into relationship are not that good looking.
  • They fall for person who has lot of connection or who travels a lot.
  • They seldom marry person whom they love.
  • Generally, it happens that they love some other person but for marriage that person doesn’t fit in their criteria.

Scorpio Ascendant (Vrischika Lagna)

  • For Scorpio ascendant 5th house Rashi is Pisces which is governed by Jupiter.
  • Scorpio itself is very transformative sign person with this lagna faces lots of ups and down in their life.
  • As Pisces falling in 5th house, they fall in love suddenly.
  • Story like a person from far away known to family comes in their life they fall in love and suddenly it goes away.
  • Their love life is more like filmy tragic magical stories, in which from nowhere someone come and eloped.
  • However, their marriages are good, and they get a very good life partner.
  • For first love they must understood that it must go.

Sagittarius Ascendant (Dhanu Lagna)

  • For Sagittarius Ascendant 5th house Rashi is Aries, which is governed by Mars,
  • Sagittarius is governed by Jupiter, so the person is more religious or follower of dharma.
  • They generally attract to person very easily.
  • Their relationship is not long lasting as they keep on changing their partners.
  • Sometime their lover goes far away, or they enter a long-distance relationship.
  • Generally, they marry to a person who is suggested by family, they usually avoid love marriages.

Capricorn Ascendant (Makar Lagna)

  • For Capricorn Ascendant 5th House Rashi is Taurus, which is governed by Venus.
  • Luck person in the love matter.
  • They get attracted to person who is full of life.
  • Their lover is more good looking as compared to them.
  • Lover is generally wealthy.
  • Their relationship last longer and then finally concluded in marriage. This mean that their relationship which has longer duration will convert in marriage.
  • If they hurry and try to convert their affair in marriage in short duration it will break off.
  • One thing which is very prominent about their lover is their smile.
  • Chances of meeting lover is at family gathering or at some outer places visit for the work.

Aquarius Ascendant (Kumbh Lagna)

  • For Aquarius Ascendant 5th house Rashi is Gemini, which is governed by Mercury.
  • They easily fall in love.
  • Lover would be a good communicator and focused in his/her interest.
  • Chances of one fall back in love, after that it will be successful.
  • Need to be cautious as lover may take undue advantage of them.
  • They are more interested in love marriage.
  • Chances of love marriage are very good for these natives.
  • They generally get a life partner who manages them well.

Pisces Ascendant (Meena Lagna)

  • For Pisces Ascendant 5th house Rashi is Cancer, which is governed by Moon.
  • Very emotional in love matter.
  • This is the one area in which they need to be extremely careful.
  • Person may take undue advantage of their emotions.
  • They usually fall ill coz of emotional breakout in affair.
  • Their love not last long, however felling for that person will last long.
  • Chances of Love marriage is not prominent.
  • Again, Parents of such kids need to be extra cautious as break in affair will seriously affect these natives, mother can be very helpful to them for coming out of trauma.

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