Northeast Corner Vaastu Defect and Remedies.

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Northeast Corner Vaastu Defect and Remedies.

Northeast Corner Vaastu Defect and Remedies.

Northeast Corner Vaastu Defect and Remedies with Vastu Consultant in Ahmedabad

The Importance of Ishan Kon (Northeast Corner) in Vaastu

In Vaastu Shastra, the Ishan Kon or the northeast corner of a house is of paramount importance. It is where the east and north walls intersect, marking a crucial point in the architectural and energetic layout of a dwelling. This corner is revered because it is considered the head of the Vaastu Purush (the deity governing the property), playing a vital role in decision-making, health, wealth, and overall family happiness.

Identifying the Ishan Kon

To accurately locate the Ishan Kon in your home:

  1. Install a Compass App: Use a compass app on your phone.
  2. Place the Phone at the Center of the House: This ensures you identify the precise meeting point of the east and north directions.
  3. Locate the Corner: The intersection of these two directions marks the Ishan Kon.

Characteristics of the Ishan Kon

  • Deity: The governing deity of Ishan Kon is ISH (Lord Shiva).
  • Planetary Association: Jupiter and Ketu.
  • Element: Water.

Ideal Uses for the Ishan Kon

  • Temple or Pooja Room: Perfect for spiritual practices and rituals.
  • Study Room: Ideal for students due to the focus and clarity it provides.
  • Guest Room or Living Room: Suitable for social interactions and gatherings.
  • Lightweight Spaces: This corner should be light and uncluttered.

Common Defects in the Ishan Kon

  1. Structural Cuts: Any missing portions in this corner.
  2. Washroom Placement: Can lead to significant financial losses.
  3. Kitchen Location: Causes difficulties in earning and financial stability.
  4. Bedroom: Especially problematic if used by couples or adult female children.
  5. Storeroom: Adds unnecessary weight.
  6. Uncleanliness: Reduces the positive energy flow.
  7. Higher Ground Level: The Ishan should be lower than the rest of the house.
  8. Inappropriate Photos: Ancestors’ photos should not be placed here.
  9. Heavy Plantations: Can cause health issues like skin or vein diseases.

Impacts of Disturbance in Ishan Kon

  • Financial Issues: Difficulty in saving money and earning stability.
  • Educational Problems: Hurdles in children’s studies.
  • Family Disputes: Constant arguments and tension.
  • Career Issues: Job loss or business failures.
  • Health Problems: Respiratory issues and other health concerns.
  • Marital Issues: Problems in childbirth and post-marriage life if females sleep in this area.
  • Overall Potential: Hindered ability to utilize full potential.

Remedies for Ishan Kon Defects

While structural changes are the most effective, temporary measures can also help mitigate the negative effects:

  1. Keep Ishan Light: Avoid heavy objects or constructions.
  2. Water Fountain: Install a lightweight water fountain to enhance the water element.
  3. Silver Plate/Wire: Use these to cut off the washroom’s negative influence.
  4. Regular Havan and Pooja: Invite a Brahmin (priest) for regular rituals.
  5. Pyramid for Kitchen: Shift the kitchen’s energy with a pyramid.
  6. Cool Kitchen: Keep the kitchen as cool as possible.
  7. Copper Water Pots: Place them near the gas stove and change the water after cooking.
  8. Sleeping Arrangements: Avoid using this area for couples or adult female children. Male children can use it until marriage.
  9. Pooja or Study Room: Best suited for these purposes.
  10. Cleanliness: Keep the area clean and uncluttered.
  11. Ground Level: Ensure the Ishan Kon is lower than the rest of the house.
  12. Color Scheme: Use silky white, yellow, or shades of yellow.
  13. Prayers and Mantras: Regularly pray to Lord Vishnu and chant his mantra.


The Ishan Kon is crucial for the overall well-being of a household. By maintaining its sanctity and addressing any defects, one can ensure a harmonious and prosperous living environment. For specific issues and more detailed guidance, consulting a professional Vaastu expert is advisable. This holistic approach helps in harnessing the positive energies of the northeast corner, fostering health, wealth, and happiness.

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