Ketu Mahadasha a myth or a reality?

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Ketu Mahadasha a myth or a reality?

Ketu Mahadasha a myth or a reality?

Ketu Mahadasha a myth or a reality By Astrologer in Ahmedabad

It is possible that many individuals reading this may currently be experiencing the influence of Ketu, either directly or indirectly. When I refer to direct influence, I mean that they might be going through the Dasha or Antar Dasha of Ketu. Indirect influence refers to the scenario where Ketu in transit is connecting with their Lagnesh (ascendant ruler) or Karmesh (significator of actions).

The usage of both “myth” and “reality” to describe Ketu Mahadasha arises from different perspectives. If you have had the fortunate experience of Ketu Mahadasha in the past, you may be able to relate to these terms. If you have an upcoming Ketu Mahadasha or are currently undergoing it, understanding its significance sooner rather than later can be beneficial. Allow me to elaborate. Ketu, the planet known for its fearlessness, is depicted without a head and equipped with weapons in both hands, ready to engage in battle without concern for consequences.

Ketu, despite its inability to see, possesses the ability to sense and perceive. Like a blind snake, it acts with a similar instinctual nature also it work as Kundalini energy which protects and defends, Ketu serves as a formidable warrior, equipped with all senses intact. Its purpose is to facilitate the connection between your individual soul and the supreme soul. Under the influence of Ketu, one may experience battles, anger, detachment, losses, and sorrow, all with the ultimate aim of guiding you towards a deeper spiritual union.

During Ketu Mahadasha, you may witness the manifestation of various experiences and phenomena related to the aspects we discussed earlier. However, amidst this journey, you may also come to a profound realization that these experiences are ultimately illusory or myth-like in nature. Instead, you may find yourself aligning more deeply with the universal energy, connecting with it on a soul level.

This realization can lead to a profound understanding that the world we perceive is transitory and impermanent, while the ultimate truth lies in the eternal essence of the soul. This aligns with the concept of “Brahma Satya, Jagat Mithya,” which denotes that the supreme reality is the eternal essence (Brahman), while the material world is fleeting and illusory (Jagat Mithya). Ketu is indeed associated with abundance, and it has a tendency to deliver its effects in sudden and plentiful ways. Just as you begin to grasp or recognize a particular occurrence, another event swiftly follows, and this cycle continues.

These events can encompass both positive and negative experiences. If your astrological chart is exceptionally strong, Ketu Mahadasha may even bestow upon you Rajyoga, a combination of planetary influences signifying great power and authority. However, even in the presence of Rajyoga, Ketu’s influence will instill a sense of complete detachment. You will essentially act as an instrument or agent for Ketu to accomplish the tasks it wishes to fulfill through you.

In the scenario where Ketu is associated with the Lagnesh (ascendant lord) and Leo sign (Simha Rashi), it can bring status equivalent to that of a ruler or king. However, the person will fearlessly act as an agent of Ketu, carrying out its intentions while running the government or holding a position of authority.

If Ketu is positioned in the 2nd house or associated with the 2nd lord, it indicates that the person needs to embrace the perspective of considering the universe as their family. Failing to do so can result in problems within the family. Nevertheless, Ketu in such a placement also has the potential to bestow immense wealth. However, the person should utilize this wealth for the purpose assigned by Ketu or in alignment with its intentions.

In summary, Ketu’s influence in these scenarios can bring high status, fearlessness in carrying out Ketu’s mission, and the need to expand one’s perspective beyond personal boundaries. Wealth may be attained, but its utilization should align with the purpose designated by Ketu. In summary, Ketu represents surrendering to the supreme soul and allowing it to manifest through your body. It involves accepting the manifestations that occur and comprehending the interplay between myth and reality. By embracing these concepts, one can navigate the influence of Ketu with a deeper understanding and spiritual perspective. Here is a verse from Chapter 7 of the Bhagavad Gita which depicts they way of navigating the Ketu Mahadasha. “mattah parataram nanyat kinchid asti dhananjaya mayi sarvam idam protam sutre mani-gana iva” (Bhagavad Gita 7.7) Translation: “O Arjuna, there is nothing superior to Me. Everything rests upon Me, like pearls on a string.” In this verse, Lord Krishna conveys that there is nothing beyond Him, and everything in existence is dependent upon Him. He compares the relationship between the Supreme and the manifested world to that of a string holding numerous pearls. Lord Krishna asserts His all-encompassing presence and the interconnectedness of all things with the divine. This verse highlights the supreme nature of Lord Krishna and encourages individuals to recognize and surrender to His divine authority, seeking spiritual enlightenment and realization through devotion to Him. If you are interested in gaining more knowledge about Ketu and understanding its effects in your astrological chart, we are available for consultation. Feel free to reach out to us for personalized insights and guidance regarding Ketu’s influence in your life.

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