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Emotional Health Astrology

How to Improve your Emotional Health

There are two celestial bodies that hold significant importance in our lives: the sun and the moon. The moon symbolizes aspects such as motherhood, emotions, nourishment, travel, inner happiness, mood, and wealth. However, a weak moon can lead to various troubles, including:

Feelings of depression or anxiety.

Lack of enjoyment in food.

Financial deprivation.

Stinginess or a miserly nature.

Adverse effects on the mother's health.

Constant mood swings.

To improve the influence of the moon, the following suggestions can be considered:

Enhance the cleanliness of the north-west corner of your house.

Pay attention to the quality of the food you consume, focusing on a sattvic (pure) diet.

frequent bathing in sacred rivers.

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Make regular visits to Jyotirlingas (holy shrines of Lord Shiva).

Engage in acts of charity by donating food when feeling anxious.

Incorporate the use of Ganga Jal in your daily routine Like Bathing of spraying Ganga Jal on face and Head.

Travel frequently

Offer prayers to Lord Vishnu.

Make donations on Amavasya (new moon) and Poornima (full moon days) Happy Reading..

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