Discover Your Sasural through Your Kundali

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Discover Your Sasural through Your Kundali

Discover Your Sasural through Your Kundali

“Gain insights into your Sasural through the 8th house of your Kundali.

In astrology, the 8th house is associated with a person’s in-laws and is particularly significant for females. It signifies the family of one’s spouse, and it is generally believed that having any planets in the 8th house can bring about challenges.

Let’s explore how the presence of different planets in the 8th house can provide guidance about your Sasural by best astrologer in India:

  • Sun: Having the Sun in the 8th house, often found in individuals born in the evening, indicates that someone in your in-laws may be connected to the government. Your Sasural is likely to be very disciplined, with a prevailing sense of ego among family members, leading to quarrels over trivial matters. The Sun can also disrupt the initial happiness of your marriage, causing early difficulties that may later improve. This placement may also suggest that your spouse had a past affair known to everyone, and there may be limited support from the family.
  • Saturn: Saturn in the 8th house suggests that your Sasural initially came from a humble background but gradually improved their status. Your in-laws are likely hardworking and embrace traditional values. This placement can delay marriage or make it demanding and filled with hardships. Saturn, associated with karma, indicates a need for you to be involved in your Sasural’s affairs.
  • Moon: The Moon in the 8th house, although not considered favorable, can indicate an early marriage. Your in-laws may enjoy traveling and have a strong connection to food. Emotions play a critical role in your Sasural, and if the Moon is in a debilitated sign, it could suggest illicit relationships within the family. This placement may bring mental stress initially, but it tends to settle over time, and you may provide emotional healing to your in-laws.
  • Jupiter: With Jupiter in the 8th house, your Sasural will likely be large and religious. Some family members may be involved in teaching or education. This combination often transforms your personal belief system, making you more spiritual¬†
  • Mars: Mars in the 8th house signifies Mangalik dosha, which can lead to disruptions or quarrels in your marriage and Sasural. Someone in your Sasural may have ties to the armed forces. A favorable Mars placement may indicate land ownership, while an unfavorable one could lead to land disputes or disputes among family members. Mars in the 8th house may also lead to marital conflicts related to the spouse’s family.
  • Venus: Venus in the 8th house, although not ideal, suggests a wealthy and pleasure-filled Sasural. However, it may strain your relationship with your spouse due to your in-laws’ love for extravagance, showmanship, and a liking for jewelry. Your Sasural may own numerous cars.
  • Mercury: When Mercury is in the 8th house, your spouse’s family may have many siblings, engage in business, or work in accounting. They tend to be inquisitive and involved in various matters, often chatty and less concerned with worldly affairs.
  • Rahu: Rahu in the 8th house indicates a Sasural with hidden or deceptive qualities. They may pretend to be good but have ulterior motives. The Sasural could be from a different caste or involved in unconventional practices, such as tantra or illicit businesses. It may also be connected to foreign countries, the film industry, photography, software, liquor, and related fields.
  • Ketu: Ketu in the 8th house suggests a lack of attachment or affection toward your Sasural. Your spouse’s family may be small, and this placement can deprive you of marital happiness¬†
  • Saturn-Moon Combination: This is an inauspicious Visha yoga formed in the 8th house, indicating potential turmoil in your marriage or Sasural. If you marry a divorcee, it may work out better; otherwise, post-marriage troubles in the family are likely.
  • Mars-Saturn Combination: This combination can lead to frequent conflicts within your Sasural, especially regarding land-related issues.
  • Sun-Saturn Combination: Having both Sun and Saturn in the 8th house may lead to a late marriage and ego issues within your Sasural.
  • Ketu-Saturn Combination: This combination often results in a lack of marital happiness.

These are just a few examples. Caution should be exercised before marriage, and remedies for problematic planetary placements should be considered to prevent post-marital conflicts.

For more detailed insights, please reach out to us Astrologer Ashish Somani