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12th Fail Movie Astrology

12th Fail Movie: Exploring Astrological Aspects

 12th Fail movie an astrological aspects By Astrologer Ashish Somnai

12th Fail Movie begins with a person whose father, a non-corrupt individual working in the Agriculture department, gets suspended for confronting his superior due to an unlawful act.

In the Kundali, the Sun represents the father, and Mars symbolizes Agriculture/Armed Forces. Hence, the father working in the Agriculture department is depicted by the Sun-Mars combination in the chart. Additionally, the father’s profession is represented by the 6th house in the person’s chart (being 10th to the 9th). This placement shows that the person has Sun and Mars combined in the 6th house, indicating a government job related to the Armed Forces.

The movie shows that initially, the person failed the 12th exam, signifying damage to the 5th house. This is further confirmed by the father confronting his boss since the 5th house represents the father’s boss (being 9th from the 9th house). Moreover, the father’s boss, a corrupt individual, signifies the influence of Rahu on the 5th house, which disrupted the person’s initial studies.

Next, the person is motivated by a police officer, which is again a Sun-Mars combination, uplifting his 5th house, as the Sun is the natural significator of the 5th house. Subsequently, when the person goes to Gwalior and loses his bag and money, it shows the influence of malefic Saturn on Venus, confirming the hardships in his life.

The turning point occurs when an unknown person takes him to Delhi while they’re eating at a railway station. Mars, representing friends, comes to his rescue at the railway station while eating (Saturn-Moon combination) and takes him to his destined place.

The damaged 5th house continues to play a role as he fails subsequent exams, notably misreading the word ‘tourism’ as ‘terrorism,’ showcasing the role of Rahu in creating illusions in one’s mind. Additionally, love enters his life, with the first meeting occurring due to speaking the truth (Sun’s significance) in a coaching center. Moreover, the amount given as a deposit, 680, totals to the number 5, representing the Kal Purush Kundali’s 5th house, and numerologically represented by Mercury, the significator of degrees and certificates.

The lover hails from Mussorie, a hill station represented by Rahu, indicating the subsiding influence of Rahu’s damage. Working in a flour mill brings him success in the Preliminary Examination, as the Sun, the signifier of wheat and flour, aids him. When it comes to studying, once again, a person resembling an elder brother figure comes to his aid and provides him with a home and proper food for studying, symbolized by Mars.

In the final phase, his lover accompanies him to the final interview and gives him a letter. The 5th house represents honor and reputation, while the letter symbolizes Mercury, which is supportive of the Sun. Initially rejected for speaking the truth in the first round, after reading the letter, he regains confidence. Notably, an old gentleman represented by Saturn advises him to lie about his 12th exam, facing issues with his shoes, also a representation of Saturn. However, he chooses to speak the truth, and the letter symbolizing Mercury helps him achieve his desires.

Interestingly, the interview panel comprised 5 persons, out of which 4 supported him, indicating the mercy of the Moon. In summary, his life until becoming an IPS officer was greatly influenced by Mars, Sun, with support from Venus and Moon. His life’s rescues were facilitated by Mars, Venus, and Moon. Most significantly, his adherence to truth, symbolized by the Sun, helped him achieve the seemingly unattainable.”

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