Venus ( Shukra) and Bedroom Vaastu Tips ( 1)

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Bedroom Vaastu Tips

Venus ( Shukra) and Bedroom Vaastu Tips ( 1)

'ॐ भूर्भव: स्व: तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि धियो यो न: प्रचोदयात्।'

Venus ( Shukra) and Bedroom Vaastu Tips,Venus is very important planet as it governs Pleasure, Money, Wife, Relationship etc.

Venus is described as Sanjivani Buti ( A Plant which bring life to dead) in the astrology and you will observe that without the above things person is dead like only.

In a Male Horoscope Venus Represent Wife and In Female Horoscope It Represent Self.

Some General Vaastu tips to improve Venus thru Bedroom are as below

Venus Represent your Bedroom and Bed, so it should be neat and clean.

Bedroom should always have good fragrance like Rose, Jasmine etc., fragrance of Lemon Grass, Sandalwood, orange should be avoided.

Bed sheet and other linen should not have cut or hole as it will combine Venus and Ketu and will damage money and relationship.

Pillow should be either square or rectangular it should not be in triangle as triangle represent Ketu.

In Bedroom Picture of Lord Sun, Ganesh, snakes, Flags, Dog should be avoided.

Never Eat on Bed it will bring losses and spoil the relationship between couple.

Black/Brown Color Bed sheet/curtain in room will bring dullness in life and money will be stuck in long term project, one of the partner will be busy in office work and will be less interested in relationship, Person who has more liking towards these color will save their money most of time and will spend less on pleasure.

Yellow color Bed sheet will bring small arguments between couple on who is more knowledgeable, good part is that person will spend money on religious activities or on religious travel it is also combination or person who do travel to isolated places like Jungle, Monastery etc.

Light Blue Color Bed sheet will bring harmony between couple, but it is observed that both the partner will be influenced by other persons spouse or They will spend money lavishly and would like to wear loose clothes or foreign branded clothes. They also procure foreign brand vehicle.

Shiny white color bed sheet is also good, However Pure white bed sheet is not good it will bring illness to female partner, In case of Shiny White one of the partner is close to Mother and like to spend more time at home. He will be found of good food and attracted towards water bodies.

White bedsheet with black Design will bring sleep disturbance to native it is a symptom of Visha Yoga and will bring food indigestion and disturbance in life. One of the partner will be overthinker and most of the spending will be based on emotion, Partner will fight for the things which has not happen more of imaginative things. Mostly they will buy vehicle of either grey or white color.

Green Color Bedsheet will be good for couple who are expecting kids or who has small kids however for adult kids it is not advisable as it will attract multiple relationship in their life, for newly married couple it will bring disease related to skin.

Pink Color Bedsheet is also good for harmony, mostly these people have joint accounts with their spouse and they share close bonding in their relationship at emotional level, It is usually seen that they eat in the same vessel with their partner and food habits for both the partner are almost same.

Red Color bed sheet will show strong bonding between partners at Physical level; however, it will occasionally bring sever fights between them and none of the partner will bow down in front of each other. However, they enjoy good family life and money in their life. They also tend to receive inherited or sudden gain in their life, Benefit from In laws is also shown by this combination

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(If Some colors are left do mention in comment will update them as well)

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