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Venus Moon

Venus Moon Combination

Venus Moon Combination is very tricky combination as two opposite planets come together

Generalized prediction are as follows

· Very sweet voice, like to sing

Round face and fair complexion

· Fond of Milk and Curd related products.

· Closeness to mother.

· Skin Related issue mostly on face.

· Spending mostly based on emotions.

· Favorite color would be light blue/light pink.

· Frequent change in relationship

· Partner suddenly eloped

· Attractive personality

· Money comes easily.

· Meeting with spouse mostly near to water/food points or in Travelling

· Relationship yes or no would be mostly based on tears, for example if the opposite person

cry in front of them they will say yes.

· For female native Influenced of mother in relationship.

· Early Relationship.

· Wealth generation from liquid assets or from investment in luxurious things.

· White color vehicle (though not advisable)

· Male Native, Major conflict between mother and spouse.

Major thing which needs to take care is relationship at early age, Praying to Goddess Parvati will help to mitigate the negative effect.

Thank you.