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Reasons for Divorce According to Indian Astrology

In Indian astrology, the factors contributing to divorce are discerned through the analysis of one's Kundali. The 7th house represents marriage, while the 8th house signifies post-marriage relationships. When certain conditions manifest in these houses, a marriage may veer towards divorce:

  1. Presence of Retrograde Planets in either house.
  2. Moon positioned in the 7th house, afflicted by malefic planets.
  3. The lord of the 6th house positioned in the 7th house.
  4. Rahu occupying the 7th house.
  5. Sun situated in the 7th house, receiving adverse aspects from malefic planets.
  6. Presence of more than one planet in either house.
  7. The lord of the 7th house positioned in a dual sign.

Furthermore, Venus, the natural significator of marriage, must be considered. Its conjunction with Moon, Sun, or Ketu can disrupt marital harmony. Sun, Moon, or Ketu in the subsequent house of Venus also yields unfavorable outcomes. Venus in Scorpio can lead to tumultuous relationships, while planets like Sun, Moon, and Ketu in Libra can bring marital hardships. Venus in Ketu Nakshatra also poses challenges in marriage. The mitigating factor in such cases is the benefic influence of Jupiter on the 7th house or Venus. However, Jupiter alone in the 7th or 8th house can also lead to marital difficulties.

Hence, for those seeking marriage or relationships, it's advisable to scrutinize the aforementioned factors in both their and their partner's charts.

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