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Know your Lagna or Ascendant

If you want to know your Lagna or Ascendant, Please see the number written in the Place of First House in your Lagna Kundali ( one can use any online site for making kundali) If it is..

· 1 your Lagna is Aries/ Mesh

· 2 your Lagna is Taurus/ Vrishabh

· 3 your Lagna is Gemini/Mithun

· 4 your Lagna is Cancer/ Karka

· 5 your Lagna is Leo/ Simha

· 6 your Lagna is Virgo/ Kanya

· 7 your Lagna is Libra/ Tula

· 8 your Lagna is Scorpio/ Virschika

· 9 your Lagna is Sagittarius/ Dhanu

· 10 your Lagna is Capricorn/Makar

· 11 your Lagna is Acquarious/Kumbh

· 12 your Lagna us Pisces/ Meena

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