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Hiding currency Astrology precious Secrets

Let's delve into the potential impact of Hidden Money in different places at home, based on astrological beliefs.

  • Hiding currency notes in wheat: If currency notes are hidden in wheat, it creates a Sun and Venus Combination, which is believed to have a negative effect. This combination may lead to the destruction of wealth, strained relationships, and adverse effects on the spouse's health.
  • Hiding gold in wheat: Hiding gold in wheat is considered auspicious, as it involves a Jupiter and Sun Combination. This combination is believed to bring positive outcomes. On the other hand, hiding gold in rice represents a Jupiter and Venus Combination, which may have mixed results. While it could enhance the spouse's spiritual nature, it might also lead to weight gain in the spouse.
  • Hiding currency in the overhead cupboard: Stashing currency in the overhead cupboard is thought to result in excessive expenditure and lavish spending habits. Conversely, hiding gold in the overhead cupboard may cause the unnecessary spread of knowledge.
  • Hiding currency in a cupboard with false drawers: This combination involves Rahu, Venus, and Saturn. Money hidden in such a manner might remain with the owner or be invested in real estate. However, the spouse of the person may display dishonesty or cheat in the relationship.
  • Hiding currency in the bed: Hiding currency in the bed, which represents Venus, is generally considered positive. However, if it's wrapped under old clothes, it may negatively impact the spouse's health and bring boredom to the relationship. Hiding gold in the bed involves a Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn Combination, potentially leading to hardships in the spouse's profession and an increased risk of diabetes.
  • Hiding currency in a garbage area: Stowing away currency in a garbage area is believed to lead to wasteful expenditures or health issues, as it places Venus in the 6th house, a debilitated sign of Venus. Similarly, hiding gold in a garbage area might result in personal health problems and the need to take loans.
  • Hiding currency behind diseased photographs or objects: This practice is thought to have adverse effects on both relationships and finances.
  • Hiding currency with medicine or weapons: Combining currency with medicine or weapons is believed to attract the spouse to seek other means of earning money, which could lead to fast money-making opportunities Negative effect of it is spouse seeking other relationship in life.
  • Depositing gold ornaments to Mother/Mother-in-Law: This combination of Jupiter and Moon is considered auspicious and beneficial. However, depositing diamonds or money to Mother/Mother-in-Law, represented by a Venus and Moon Combination, may have a damaging effect on relationships and finances.

Please feel free to ask any questions or share other combinations you'd like to know about in the comment section.