Divorce or Relationship Break in Astro Vaastu.

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Divorce or Relationship Break in Astro Vaastu.

Divorce or Relationship Break in Astro Vaastu can be some of the most emotionally taxing experiences in life. Astro Vaastu, an ancient practice that combines the principles of astrology and Vaastu Shastra, offers unique insights and remedies to navigate these challenging times.

Astrologer Ashish Somani in Ahmedabad is a distinguished expert in this field, known for his profound understanding of how celestial and spatial energies influence human relationships. Through a detailed analysis of your astrological chart, he can identify the planetary alignments and transitions that might be causing stress and discord in your personal relationships

In astrology, Venus is widely regarded as the planet associated with relationships, while in Vaastu Shastra, the southeast corner holds significance as it represents the energy of Venus.

Let's examine some astrological combinations that may indicate troubles in relationships:

  1. Venus and Moon Combination: When Venus and the Moon are combined, conflicts may arise due to their differing natures. The emotional tendencies of the Moon can lead to a propensity for falling in love repeatedly. In a home environment, signs of this combination include:
  • Placement of water-related elements such as a water tank or continuous water usage in the southeast corner.
    • Dining in bed, as both food (associated with the Moon) and the bed (associated with Venus) are involved.
    • Presence of food or other consumables in the bedroom.
    • Features like water fountains or fish tanks in the bedroom.
    • Décor depicting water or the sea in the bedroom.
    • Washroom located in the southeast direction.
    • Use of white-colored linen on the bed.
    • Placement of Venus-related items in the northwest, which is associated with the Moon.
    • Parking of vehicles, symbolizing Venus, in the northwest.
    • Presence of perfumes and new clothing wardrobe in the northwest.
    • Sleeping arrangements, such as an adult female sleeping in the northwest direction.
    • Display of love-themed items or symbols in the northwest.
    • Placement of a picture of the mother in the southeast direction.
    • Placement of pictures depicting females or couples in the northwest.
  • Venus and Sun Combination: Combining Venus with the Sun can also signify potential relationship challenges. Elements associated with this combination include:
  • Storage of grains in the southeast corner, as the Sun represents grains.
    • Bedroom positioned in the east direction, as both the east direction and the bedroom are associated with Venus.
    • Presence of idols or images of the Sun in the southeast.
    • Display of love-themed items or symbols in the east direction.
    • Placement of pictures depicting females or couples in the northwest.
    • Parking of vehicles in the east direction.
    • Presence of perfumes and new clothing wardrobe in the east.
    • Exposure to direct sunlight in the southeast room.
  • Venus Ketu Combination: When Venus combines with Ketu, certain features may suggest potential relationship challenges:
  • Bedroom located in the northeast corner.
    • Presence of an image of Lord Ganesh in the bedroom.
    • Presence of triangle-shaped objects or clothing in the bedroom.
    • Signs of disrepair, such as a broken bed.
    • Display of abstract paintings in the bedroom.
    • Placement of a flag in the southeast direction of the house.

These indicators are believed to provide insight into potential problems in relationships or marriage. For further guidance on Astro Vaastu, individuals may consider scheduling appointments with Astro Vaastu consultants in Ahmedabad. Moreover, Ashish Somani utilizes Vaastu Shastra to examine the energy dynamics within your living space. By making specific adjustments to your home environment, he helps in mitigating negative influences and enhancing positive vibrations, which can significantly improve relationship harmony.